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Don’t get too excited just yet, but there seem to be some rumors floating around that point to a possible return of the early 90s cult classic Twin Peaks. Of course, it’s not the first time that’s been suggested, but it sounds like the efforts to bring it back may actually be ramping up.

A strange, dreamlike series that didn’t make it past two seasons before ABC gave it the axe, Twin Peaks became something of a sensation that, even if you never watched the show, you’ve probably heard of. Or at least seen one of the many spoofs – including on The Simpsons - that came after its demise. MovieHole has picked up some rumors that interest in bringing the series back – and maybe finally answering all of the many unanswered questions that were left when it was suddenly cancelled – might well be picking up for the coming year.

Among the sources of said rumors are co-creator Mark Frost, who dropped some hints that things could be moving in that direction. There have also been comments from David Lynch, who was the strange mind behind the show and also the director of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, a spinoff movie that followed the cancellation, that may point to a possible return. Star Kyle MacLachlan is said to have come up with the idea to create webisodes of the show, and would apparently be on board along with (again rumors) other stars. And there is a movement among fans online to push for a return.

It’s all talk, rumor, and speculation at the moment, but it may well be the right time for a show like Twin Peaks to come back to television. If anything comes of these rumors, TV Blend will let you know.

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