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When a series is cancelled due to low ratings, it's a pretty obvious indication that it wasn't exactly in high demand by the viewers. With that said, even a low-rated show might have had at least a couple million people watching, and some of those people might be willing - if not eager - to see the remaining produced episodes. Such may be the case for NBC's Do No Harm and ABC's Zero Hour, both of which were cancelled within weeks of their premieres. Both shows now have summer return dates scheduled for what's left of their produced episodes.

ABC and NBC will be burning off the remaining episodes of Zero Hour and Do No Harm beginning in June. Deadline says Zero Hour's ten unaired episodes will begin airing June 15 at 8:00 p.m. with two back-to-back episodes, after which one hour will air each Saturday night until the two-hour finale on August 3. Zero Hour starred Anthony Edwards as a man trying to find his abducted wife, which leads him into a puzzle that could put the world at risk. Three episodes aired before it was cancelled at ABC, and it seems doubtful that the whole puzzle will be solved in the remaining 10 episodes, but those who started to get into the mystery will hopefully get some closure out of the remainder of the series.

Do No Harm aired just two episodes before it was cancelled. The series is a Jekyl & Hyde story that starred Steven Pasquale as a surgeon suffering from a dangerous case of split-personality. His alter-ego Ian likes to party and make a mess of his life during the evening hours when he comes out to play. NBC will put the remaining 11 episodes on the air this summer, starting June 29 at 10:00 p.m.

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