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American Gods is officially moving forward over at Starz, and while the series hasn’t signed on any big names to act, yet, the drama did add a huge name over the weekend. Reports indicate that Neil Gaiman, the man who wrote the popular novel the American Gods series is based on, will actually be involved with the Starz program in a writing capacity. Gaiman is not simply set to pen one episode, however. He’s signed on to write multiple episodes of the series.

American Gods was officially picked up to series by Starz just a couple of weeks ago, and showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green have already been busy at work on the series. Recently, Fuller shared the information that American Gods has already gotten off of the ground, telling Collider that Gaiman will also be helping the showrunners to write the series. Here’s what he had to say about how American Gods is turning out.
We are cranking away. We’ve got the first two scripts written already and it’s going to be very exciting. It’s wonderful to be working with Neil Gaiman and Neil Gaiman is going to be writing episodes of the show. So, it’s gonna have scope.

Since Starz is a subscription cable channel and is free to use more nudity, profanity and violence than other channels, it should be a great fit for American Gods, as the series features a weird and twisted world that features plenty of excess, as well as adventure. There’s even a goddess who consumes men via her vagina, if that gives you any indication of what you will be in for. The basic plot follows a character named Shadow who is released from jail and becomes the bodyguard for an intriguing character named Mr. Wednesday, who is more than meets the eye. The cast features a slew of interesting characters, including the likes of gods Anansi and Anubis.

We’re not expected to get episodes of American Gods until 2016, but we should be hearing a whole lot more about the drama in the coming months. When the show was announced, the casting process was already underway, which means we should learn who will be playing Shadow, Anansi and more in the near future.

American Gods is one of a couple of brand new programs Starz will be bringing to audiences over the next year or so. The network has also greenlighted Ash vs. Evil Dead, which will bring the popular Evil Dead franchise to television. We’ll let you know as soon as these shows get premiere dates. In the meantime, here’s what else Starz has coming up this summer.