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Some people out there believe that a malevolent force continues to wage war on Christmas. While the answer to that question is significantly above our pay grade, we can firmly state that there is no such war coming from Hallmark. The Hallmark Channel rolled out a string of original holiday themed films over the last week, and they managed to take the wholesome network to new heights.

Despite the fact that December has only just begun, Hallmark got the ball rolling early with a five-night Thanksgiving Weekend Event. Among these titles included: A Christmas Detour, Crown for Christmas, and Angel of Christmas. Variety reports that the premieres for these movies proved to be a huge hit with audiences and the network is currently slated to premiere two more holiday themed TV movies the next two evenings.

In terms of raw numbers, these movies performed so well that they boosted the network to a No.1 spot for its target demographic among basic cable networks, and finished second only to AMC’s The Walking Dead and Into The Badlands during the Sunday timeslot. Throughout Thanksgiving week, the Hallmark Channel maintained an extremely commendable No.2 rank in terms of overall primetime viewership; the network came in second only to ESPN, which we assume is because everyone and their uncle were busy watching football while the turkey cooked. Not satisfied with merely premiering new content, the Hallmark Channel has also announced plans to air reruns of older original movies – such as last year’s wildly successful Christmas Under Wraps – in order to keep the momentum of holiday cheer going.

Strategically, the Hallmark Channel could not have picked a better time to get everyone in the holiday spirit. With Thanksgiving recently passed, events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday have swiftly reminded people that Christmas is coming fast. Amid all the chaos that these events incite, Hallmark perfectly positions itself to give audiences whimsical and lighthearted holiday movies to relax with after almost getting trampled at Wal-Mart. Check out the Crown For Christmas trailer below to see what we mean:

The Hallmark Channel’s "Countdown to Christmas" will resume this evening with the premiere of Just in Time for Christmas, and will continue tomorrow night with Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge. If you’re looking for some old-fashioned holiday cheer, then make some hot cocoa and be sure to check them out.