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Vandal Savage and Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow

The CW expanded its DC lineup in early 2016 with the premiere of time travel series Legends of Tomorrow. The first season followed Rip Hunter and his crew of legends as they hopped between centuries to try to take down immortal evildoer Vandal Savage. Unfortunately, the early reveal of Savage as the big bad meant that Season 1 fell into a predictable formula pretty quickly. The good guys never had to discover who Savage was or what he was planning, and so viewers didn't get to watch anything build. According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, Legends will be changing how it handles the big bad for Season 2.

Unlike Season 1 of Legends, where we basically had the big bad introduced in the crossover, what we're going to do in Season 2 of Legends will be more similar to what you've experienced in the first three seasons of Arrow or the first two seasons of Flash, where it's more of a slow reveal and a little bit of a mystery.

Marc Guggenheim's tease to EW that Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow will fall more in line with earlier seasons of Arrow and The Flash could mean great things for Rip Hunter and Co's next adventures. In fact, a subtler reveal of the big bad on Legends could be best for all three shows currently in the Flarrow-verse. The first halves of Arrow and Flash's latest seasons had to dedicate chunks of plot to introducing Vandal Savage and the Hawks for the sake of launching Legends. If Legends uses its own screentime to introduce the next supervillain rather than relying on crossovers, the narrative flow of each show could work much better. The DC universe on The CW is best when the shows are connected to each other without becoming reliant on each other, and it sounds like 2016 - 2017 could see a stable status quo for all series involved.

Plus, Legends of Tomorrow will also be similar to its CW co-shows by not solely sticking with a single big villain, but introducing several smaller baddies throughout the season to keep the mayhem at a constant click.

We already know that the dynamic within the Waverider in Season 2 will be very different than in Season 1. The Hawks departed the show after the death of Vandal Savage, and new characters to debut will be plucked from different times and locales than 21st century Star City and Central City. Legends could feel more must-see every week if a mystery is unfolding step by step. Frankly, Marc Guggenheim's tease of how Season 2 is to be handled sounds rather Doctor Who-vian, and that's not a bad comparison to make for a young time travel show.

Personally, I hope that Legends of Tomorrow will also channel Doctor Who by establishing a set of rules of what can and cannot be done with time travel. Rip Hunter seemed to make up and change the rules every other episode in Season 1, and the show felt less cohesive for it. A gradual build to the next big bad combined with a set of rules for time travel could mean a fabulous Season 2 for Legends of Tomorrow.

Only time will tell if the changes in store for Legends will be for the better or worse. The show is currently on hiatus, but here's everything you can watch in the meantime, thanks to our summer TV schedule.

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