Subscribe To Gotham: Check Out Fish Mooney's Scary New Look For Season 3 Updates

It would be an understatement to assert that Gotham is one of the most polarizing comic book-based television shows currently on the air. Initially beginning as a prequel to the Batman mythos, the show has taken a series of left turns with the material and defied fan expectations at every opportunity. One such example of that phenomenon is Jada Pinkett Smith's Fish Mooney, who (despite all of the events that have taken place) will once again return in Gotham's upcoming third season. A new image of the character's Season 3 entrance has just surfaced online, and it's enough to make our skin crawl with fear. Check it out below to see for yourself.

The above photo was recently shared on Twitter by Gotham executive producer Danny Cannon as a tease for the series' third season. Dramatically walking through a pair of double doors, she looks menacing, focused, and generally angry as hell. Having acquired the ability to control minds, as well as a bizarre platoon of Arkham minions to do her bidding, it seems that all bets will be off when Fish returns to town.

Perhaps no character has epitomized the absolutely bat shit nature of the Batman prequel series quite like Fish Mooney. Starting off as little more than a pre-Dark Knight Gotham mob boss, Fish would go on to carve out her own left eye while trapped on the island of Francis Dulmacher, and even find herself brought back from death by Hugo Strange over the course of the last season. Although she's an original character on a series full of iconic -- if somewhat altered -- Batman rogues, she has more than proven herself popular enough with fans to stick around for quite some time.

We can't say that any of this surprises us. Gotham has managed to set itself apart from other DC television series currently on the air by actively defying the source material, rather than embracing it wholeheartedly. While shows like The Flash have committed themselves to properly adapting iconic storylines, Gotham has taken the opposite approach by giving wholly original characters like Fish Mooney a chance to take center stage. Although the response has proved somewhat polarizing with purist fans, we cannot deny that it has allowed Gotham to carve out its own identity.

As always, we will keep you up to date with all of the latest and greatest DC television news as it becomes available. We will have to wait and see how Fish Mooney's return pans out when Gotham Season 3 premieres this fall; until then, make sure to check out our summer premiere schedule for more information regarding all of your favorite shows.

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