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If you think the wait for new seasons of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead can be arduous, you should try being a Sherlock fan. Although we did get a cool throwback special called "The Abominable Bride" in early 2016, but it has been 2 ½ years since we actually got a new season of the drama. New episodes are finally expected to air in 2017 and this week the BBC released what is most certainly the most adorable photo of Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock homes. You can take a look at the man and... his dog... below.

sherlock holmes benedict cumberbatch season 4

Sherlock in a scarf and a coat is pretty classic for the series, but I need more details about the doc, now. Unfortunately, the BBC is not being particularly forthcoming about the dog and its role in Season 4. It's quite possible that Sherlock might be getting a dog, although we kind-of personally hope he is dogsitting for a side character, which would have us in stitches. Unfortunately, there aren't even a lot of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel hints to go off of regarding a bloodhound in a plotline. There's an Irish Wolfhound in "The Adventure of The Creeping Man," and, of course, a "hound" in "The Hound of the Baskervilles." Unfortunately, the latter was already made into a Sherlock episode in Season 2.

In The Sign of the Four, Sherlock works with a dog named Toby to find out who is murdering a slew of individuals in order to gain a treasure. But again, this is territory that Steven Moffat and company have already gotten into, as "The Sign of The Three" was a Season 3 episode. Still, I suppose a dog like Toby could still help Sherlock Holmes on another one of his adventures, although a bloodhound is a little different than the half spaniel mix Toby is described as.

We're still pretty excited about the idea of Benedict Cumberbatch's character having another best friend, however the plotline plays out. In fact we're so starved for information at this point, you could tell me Sherlock buys a new coat in the new season and I'd probably still want to talk about it. We do know that Toby Stephens is set to play the villain in the upcoming Season 4 of the long-running but often elusive drama. Mrs. Watson's pregnancy is also expected to play a part in the new plot. Like past seasons, Season 4 will also feature three episodes.

Sherlock generally doesn't give us a ton of hints about what is to come before a new season airs, but we'll let you know if any more details or incredibly cute photos of Cumberbatch with a dog surface. For now, check out what TV has coming up this fall before Sherlock premieres in the States on PBS.

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