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See What The Archie Characters Will Look Like In The New Show

Each spring, there are always a ton of new series that the major networks announce will be a part of the schedule the following TV season. It can be hard to keep track of all of these upcoming new series, but one we've been keeping an eye on is Riverdale, the modern take on the popular Archie comics series that is coming together thanks to Arrow and other DC series producer Greg Berlanti. Today, the network released a new image for Riverdale and it should make you feel all sorts of nostalgic about the upcoming TV series. Check it out.

riverdale season 1 promo

The new image is a lot darker than the earlier promotional material The CW has released, but that should fit the tone of the series quite well. Riverdale is expected to follow the antics of a group of teenagers who are "reeling" after the death of one of their own, Jason Blossom. Among these high school students is Archie, who is described as a character who recently ended a "forbidden relationship" with the high school music teacher Ms. Grundy. This is not going to be your average Archie comics story, at all, although I'd probably pay for an issue of the comic that would see the broody character have an affair with his teacher.

In the new image, released for Comic-Con, per Comic Book Movie, we get a closer look at a lot of the comics characters who are set to populate the world of Riverdale. There's Archie himself, along with the famous Betty and Veronic, the latter of whom will be a newcomer in town at the start of the CW drama. There's also a look at Josie McCoy, Jughead Jones and a few of the other major characters on the series. (Did we mention that Twin Peaks and Gilmore Girls actress Madchen Amick is on board for this new series? Go ahead and get a little excited.)

We don't know a ton about Riverdale beyond the basic plot synopsis and the few images that the CW has released, but considering the network renewed nearly every single original it had earlier this season, the competition to get a show on the air at the CW this TV season was pretty fierce, simply because there were few open slots. We're expecting big things out of Riverdale, and the pilot is even going to screen at Comic-Con this week.

The CW already released its fall TV premiere schedule, and Riverdale isn't on it, as the network has opted to hold the dark series until midseason, along with a ton of other shows like Reign, The Originals, The 100 and iZombie. Midseason TV has never looked so good. If you'd like to find out which shows will definitely be back this fall, be sure to check out our fall TV premiere schedule.

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