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Everyone who's enjoying the A&E show Bates Motel should take a seat right now. We've just found out that the show will be ending after the upcoming 10 episode season that will make up Season 5 of the creepy drama.

The executive producers of Bates Motel, Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin, made the announcement today during the show's panel at San Diego Comic Con, and also confirmed it for fans via the show's official Twitter page, according to Variety. Last year, the show was renewed by A&E for Season 4 and 5, and, even though fans will be sorry to see the show go, it makes a lot of sense that the series is ending after next season. The producers admit that they had a five year plan in mind for the show, and, as most showrunners would like, they wanted to be able to complete their vision for the show and end it on their own terms. Every TV fan has seen some of their favorites linger year after year as a shadow of its former glory, so, while losing a good show sucks, it's good to know that things will be wrapped up the way producers intended and before the story starts to drag.

Of course, Bates Motel, couldn't have dragged the story out to much, even if the show had tried. The psychological thriller is a prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic Psycho (which was itself based on a book of the same name). After seeing that freaky gem, it's not hard to wonder how Norman Bates got so screwed up, and that's exactly the question that Bates Motel sought to answer, to great effect. The modern-set story follows Norman (Freddie Highmore) and his mother Norma (Vera Farmiga) (and their too close for viewer comfort relationship) as his mother juggles running their motel with trying to save Norman from himself as his mental illness makes him more and more dangerous.

Bates Motel has been met with generally positive reviews from critics, and has received award recognition throughout its run. In only four seasons the show has been nominated for a whopping 44 awards, including an Emmy nomination for Vera Farmiga in 2013.

Another reason why it's not too surprising that Bates Motel is wrapping up is that Season 4 ended on a shocking note that, well, if you've seen the movie wasn't actually so shocking. Everyone who knows the story finally got the moment they knew was coming, and that reveal perfectly set up the natural evolution that the show would need to get to in order for Season 5 to jump off, and eventually lead us into the person that Norman becomes in the movie. The showrunners are promising that the endgame for the show that they have planned is actually "beautiful," and I'm going to guess that means beautiful in a horror movie kind of way. And, really, we'd expect nothing less from that weird ol' Bates family.

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