Streaming services have given TV fans plenty of options for binge-watching content, but there's still a certain thrill in watching great shows live as they air. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell the great shows from the terrible shows until a few seasons have aired; by that point, plots may have progressed too far for any new viewers to jump right into the action. Even shows that open each episode with a "Previously on" can't always give enough context to catch anybody up from the beginning.

Luckily, Netflix has a vast library of TV shows with past episodes to enable folks to catch up with a series. We went through the best TV that Netflix has to offer and discovered 10 great current cable shows that are available for streaming. Netflix can almost always be counted on to get all seasons of a show streaming before the next season premieres, so take a look at our list of great cable shows and prepare to tweak your queue!

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a crazy comedy the revolves around the shenanigans of a group of shameless alcoholics in their Philly bar. The show has evolved over the years to stay fresh as season after season passes. The world would really be a much less hilarious place if not for the Lethal Weapon 5 subplot or the Nightman Cometh musical extravaganza or Charlie Day dancing around in a green body suit. Always Sunny finished Season 11 in early 2016, and it's already been renewed through Season 14. Catching up now would really be an investment in a funnier future.

How Many Seasons Are Available Right Now: 10

Where It Airs Live: FXX

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