Horror’s on the rise in television these days, with numerous TV shows giving us a scary alternative to the funny or dramatic fare that TV usually offers. With Halloween just a day away, we thought we’d share our list of the current -- meaning they've aired new episodes at some point this year -- TV shows that scare us the most, whether it be because they tap into our deepest fears, cause our stomachs to turn or simply because they keep us on the edge our seat, holding our breaths and wondering what might happen next, here are our five favorite scary shows.

Jessica’s Pick: Bates Motel
There are plenty of different ways to scare television audiences. Typically, cable houses more of the gorier and bizarre entries. In recent years, network TV has started to amp up the creep factor a bit, but the program that scares me the most still resides on cable and thankfully, was renewed for a second season last spring. Bates Motel is a modern-day, sort-of Psycho prequel that creates an unsettling mood via a slew of icy, withdrawn characters, an isolated setting and some stories straight out of a depressing nightmare.

Bates Motel may be somewhat of a nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s famous film, but it is very much a product of this era of television. From secret weed farms to oppressive sex slave regimes, White Pine Bay, Oregon is a nightmarish small town with a tranquil surface. When Norman Bates and his mother, Norma, move into a brand new town to start up a brand new business, audiences might initially expect they’ll be the creepy oddballs, but amidst the sleazy underbelly of the town, they actually fit right in. If you like your relationships dysfunctional and your horror sleazy, you’ll want to catch A&E’s drama when it returns to the schedule in 2014.

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