As a genre fanatic, it’s a dream come true to be able to bring together this Top 10 of horror series without exhausting every current example on TV. Opinions are only worth so much, of course, but I’d wager that there are only one or two really, really abysmal horror shows on TV and streaming right now, which is about as good of a ratio as one could hope for. And I’d rather watch a shitty scary show than a shitty hospital drama any day of the week.

So let’s kick off the year's best with dickhead Sean Astin unwittingly unleashing an apocalypse upon the world.

10. The Strain
One’s enjoyment of FX’s moody and theatrical series The Strain will be in direct relation to one’s enjoyment of Guillermo del Toro’s work, though it woefully lacks his playfulness for the most part. (Kevin Durand’s Fet is one exception.) Adapted from the novel trilogy written by del Toro and author Chuck Hogan, this modern-day vampire (Strigoi) tale is steeped in shadows, with danger literally around every corner at times, and centers on CDC higher-up Dr. “Eph” Goodweather and Strigoi-fighting Holocaust survivor Abe Setrakian (David Bradley) leading a small group through a New York City teeming with dead-eyed bloodsuckers whose aim is more terrible than 1980s action villains with automatic weapons. The atmosphere and bonkers special effects make up for the abundant self-seriousness, and that first episode in the airplane was one of the TV highlights of 2014 for me. Here’s hoping Season 2 is even better.

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