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After years of waiting, a new Star Trek television series is finally on the way. The franchise has been around now for 50 years, and while movies have certainly been significant, the small screen has long been its home. We've seen the original series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, and early next year fans will be able to reenter the original continuity with Star Trek: Discovery.

In celebration of Star Trek's 50th anniversary in 2016, a special presentation was hosted at Hall H in San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday afternoon, and while most of the focus was on the history of the franchise in pop culture, featuring castmembers from all versions of the series being interviewed by Star Trek Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller, we also got confirmation of some new details about the new show. The title was announced with a special video showcasing the new ship that will be featured on the series, which will presumably be called the USS Discovery.

Amongst the new information revealed, Bryan Fuller announced that Star Trek: Discovery will be different from every Star Trek show that has come before it simply by being an adventure into a brand new structure and form of storytelling. While all of the previous series utilized an episodic format, allowing each episode to stand on its own and be watched mostly individually, that won't be the case with Fuller's new work. Instead, it will fit more in line with what most modern small screen dramas do, and will instead be much more serialized. Or as the showrunner put it,

We're telling stories in a new way -- not as episodic. It's telling stories more like a novel.

This comically led William Shatner, who was amongst the panel members to question whether or not audiences would be confused if they miss an episode of the show - but Bryan Fuller said this wouldn't actually be a problem thanks to the CBS All Access program on which the series will be distributed.

While Star Trek: Discovery will be very different from all previous Star Trek shows in terms of structure, one thing that Bryan Fuller also drove home was the way in which it will fall in line with the original vision of creator Gene Roddenberry. Or as he specifically put it,

I want to remind the audience about the message of Star Trek... I want to continue to be progressive, push boundaries, and stay in the legacy of Gene Roddenberry in giving us hope for our future.

Are you excited about Star Trek: Discovery? What do you look forward to seeing from the show? Hit the comments section with your thoughts and opinions, and stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!

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