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We Now Know Who One Of The Walking Dead's New Mystery Characters Is

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Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 are below, so read at your own risk.

Having originated as a comic book, The Walking Dead constantly gives its creative team the decision of whether to directly port the stories and characters over, or whether to add new elements and situations to keep readers on their toes. Season 7 will be the expected mixture of both, and more light has been shed on one of those new characters, code-named "Jennie," and it appears she will play a big part in the story of one of the show's main characters, Tara.

This past weekend, filming took place on the beach at Jekyll Island in Georgia, something we had a lot of questions about when the water-surrounded setting was first announced. This is at least one place where we'll meet the previously announced Jennie, who will be played by Instant Mom actress Sydney Park, along with a small group of other women and children. It's on this beach where a human corpse will be found in a small tidal pool, as well as where a survivor will be rescued after washing ashore.

According to Spoiling Dead Fans, that washed-ashore character will likely be Tara, and Park's Jennie will be the one doing the reviving. But it doesn't seem like Tara will be that appreciative, as it's claimed the survivor will slip away from the small group undetected and will continue on. This is the face I assume Sydney Park will make when she discovers Tara is gone.

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While this scenario is pretty interesting in and of itself, I'm most intrigued to know when this scene will be set. It will supposedly show up in Episode 6, but that doesn't tell us if it's part of the present timeline that had her and Heath striking out on their own, or if it's something that happens in a flash-forward of some kind. Considering Tara was with her family when they met The Governor, so I can't imagine washing up on a beach is part of her backstory. But who knows? And is that corpse going to be someone familiar?

The CPR-knowledgable Jennie, if that's even her real name, isn't the only new character that will show up in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. We'll finally get to meet Ezekiel and more of his Kingdom crew, as well as a bigger chunk of the Saviors group. Other non-comic characters that will show up are a grandmotherly woman thought to be played by veteran actress Deborah May, as well as a new leader that will arrive in the back half of the season.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for the dark and dirty debut of Season 7 on Sunday, October 23, at 9:00 p.m. ET. To catch up with everything there is to know about it, head to our Season 7 guide, and to see when everything else is heading to the small screen later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

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