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The Starz comedy Blunt Talk has never shied away from a wide variety of insane adult situations, and now, we're finally getting a taste of what will be in store for us in Season 2. Take a look.

Wow. OK, there was a lot of stuff coming at us really fast there, and pretty much all of it looked damn wacky. This trailer for Season 2 showed up today on the Starz YouTube channel, and it gives us a good look at the kind of wild ride we're going to be in for once Blunt Talk starts up again. Actually, things start off simply enough, with Patrick Stewart's cable broadcaster Walter Blunt riding the bus with his personal valet Harry (Adrian Scarborough) and getting recognized by a fan. Walter mentions to the fan that "our world is in peril," and from there, things get plenty weird.

Blunt Talk focuses on Walter as he headlines his cable news show of the same name, deals with his dysfunctional production staff, network bosses and his own incredibly messy personal life. The British Falklands War veteran and former Royal Marines major moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of conquering cable news, but his misguided decisions, often fueled by booze and/or drugs, are making that goal quite difficult to achieve. In the very first episode of the series, the police catch Walter with a prostitute, and he goes on the air the next day and actually interviews himself about the incident, instead of just preparing a statement, so you know to expect the unexpected with this show.

Frankly, Walter and many of the people around him are a bit of a mess, which leads to scenarios like we have in the trailer. It's hard to even pinpoint all of the craziness in play in the trailer, but I definitely saw someone from his production staff pull a gun on someone, there's a fight, a lot of dancing, someone else is getting spanked, and the very end of the trailer treats us to Patrick Stewart in drag as a very interesting looking woman. Which I certainly never thought I'd see back in the day when I was watching him on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but I guess times have changed.

The trailer for Season 2 of Blunt Talk really gives us a perfect overview of the type of show we have here. There are a lot of people doing questionable things, usually with the best of intentions, but they almost always land on plausibly terrible results from their actions, and that means Walter especially. I don't know why he's going "under cover" as a woman, but that decision is probably going to end up biting him on the ass sooner rather than later.

You can catch Blunt Talk when Season 2 debuts on October 2, on Starz. Check out our fall TV premiere guide to see what else you can watch in the meantime.

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