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The MTV Video Music Awards have a reputation for including wild shenanigans and this year was no exception. While a lot of the comedy was devoted to jokes from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, one very vivid bit happened when Jimmy Fallon came onstage and impersonated Ryan Lochte. Most viewers watching thought it was very funny, including other Olympian Michael Phelps, who was attending the awards ceremony. You can give his amazing reaction a watch, below.

Ryan Lochte only looked semi-absurd when he dyed his hair silver for the Rio Olympics, but watching Jimmy Fallon take on the look, complete with a tracksuit, sneakers and a medal around his neck really took what Ryan Lochte was trying to achieve to a new level. Jimmy Fallon was never the best non-musical impressionist during his days on SNL (and even now on late night), but it doesn't take much to throw on a costume and poke fun at the dude that everyone has been miffed at for the past couple of weeks.

Michael Phelps has competed against Ryan Lochte for an extremely long time, and while the rivalry has always been a friendly one, there clearly was something incredibly funny about seeing Ryan Lochte get lampooned in such a manner. Phelps even mouths "Oh my god" before pulling out his camera to document the moment so he can watch it again whenever he wants.

michael phelps vmas

That cut-to, from the MTV broadcast, is one of the most priceless things we've ever seen come out of the VMAS. It's better than the meat dress, Miley Cyrus' wild costume changes and more. And it came before Jimmy Fallon even opened his mouth and cracked jokes about Ryan Lochte's braggadocio. Here's a sample of what the comedian had to say:

Is it too late now to say sorry?... That's my jam, that's my jam. It should be my jam. I wrote that song. I did it. I wrote it. I produced it. I directed the video. I did. It happened. In fact, I directed all five nominees for Video of the Year.

The longer excerpt referenced more music moments beyond the nod to Justin Bieber's "Sorry," also listing references to Adele, "Hotline Bling," Kanye West and Beyonce's Lemonade. Besides that, it was generally funny, which is a good thing, as some of the other comedic segments between musical acts did not hit nearly as well at the 2016 Video Music Awards. If you haven't been keeping tabs on the Ryan Lochte scandal, the impression is referencing how the Olympics swimmer lied--or as he would put it "over-exaggerated"--getting robbed while in Rio.

While the MTV VMAs are now over, there's plenty of good stuff coming up on television, including new comedies and dramas, a few awards shows and all of your returning favorites. Check out when they are back with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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