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With September just a day away, the time has come for us to look forward to exciting new fall television programming. And while we may know exactly what to expect from the majority of the returning shows, there are certain ones that remain a total mystery- despite their fast approaching premiere dates. Both of Ryan Murphy's fall series, American Horror Story and Scream Queens, have been particularly tight-lipped about their upcoming seasons, but now it appears that the latter has finally given us a sliver of information to hold us over until it returns for Season 2.

A new video was just released by Scream Queens' official youtube account, which gives us a sneak peak into the campy show's sophomore season. We already knew that Season 2 wouldn't be an anthology series, instead bringing back the survivors from Season 1 and changing locations. No longer set in Kappa Kappa Tau's ill-fated sorority house, Season 2 will bring us into a new spooky hospital. This all seemed to be a bit illogical, but we were just given some information that might help us suspend our disbelief.

scream queens season 2

Jamie Lee Curtis' Cathy Munsch has apparently hung up her dean gavel for scrubs, and she appears to be in a position of power at the Hospital. For an unknown reason, she approaches the Chanels (Emma Roberts, Billie Lourde, Abigail Breslin) and asks them to attend medical school there. While we still don't know how the Chanels managed to be released from the mental hospital we last saw them in, at least we have some idea of how the show's premise would logically continue.

Joining the Chanels at the Hospital are Keke Palmer's Zayday Williams (who is well adjusted enough to logically have enrolled), as well as two new characters, played by the handsome duo of John Stamos and Taylor Lautner. Also Lea Michele's crazypants Hester somehow gets involved, as she managed to make it out of the first season scott free.

You can check out the sneak peak video, complete with actual footage and cast interviews, below.

Overall, we still have a fair amount of information to learn when Scream Queens returns to TV. But all things considered, it's better than the treatment American Horror Story fans have been subjected to- the season is premiering in two weeks and we still know literally nothing about what to expect.

Scream Queens will return to FOX September 20th.

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