One New Show Just Hit The Biggest DVR Ratings So Far

For the most part, the new TV programs have done well so far this season. That's good news for the major networks. Now, that Live+3 ratings are trickling in from last week, there's even better news. In fact, news broke recently that ABC's new Kiefer Sutherland drama Designated Survivor absolutely crushed in DVR ratings, bringing in 5 million additional total viewers. Considering the show did well in live viewership, too, this is pretty big news.

designated survivor abc

Reports this week indicate that Designated Survivor is actually the biggest DVR bringer of the year so far. We're not even talking about new shows, either. Deadline mentions that the 5.3 million total viewers that Designated Survivor has added in Live+ 3 ratings is a higher increase than even CBS' juggernaut The Big Bang Theory, which added 4.43 million total viewers in the few days after the premiere initially aired. That DVR and VOD increase for ABC also led to Designated Survivor nabbing an additional 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic, as well. In fact, in total multiplatform viewing so far, including DVR numbers, Designated Survivor has done a 3.95 rating, otherwise known as crushing it.

There are several reasons Designated Survivor could have ended up doing well on DVR. Most notably, the series airs at 10 p.m. ET, which means some viewers may have decided to go to bed rather than power through one more TV show last week. The latest pre-news/late night timeslot often loses viewers that way, but if those viewers still watch On Demand or on DVR, it's usually not so bad. (I say usually, because RIP Forever.) Since a lot of people initially watched and review buzz was pretty good related to the show, some people who might watch in the future may have simply caught the episode late, as well.

Obviously, we'll have to sit around and wait to see whether audiences stick with Designated Survivor over the long haul. If the multiplatform viewing means that the Kiefer Sutherland-led show actually adds viewers next week, this would be great news for ABC. In fact, it would be sort-of similar to how Empire added rather than dropped viewers through its first season. If more and more people continue to simply DVR the program, that would not be so great for the major network.

The ratings game is always a fun thing to keep an eye on, and we'll keep you updated regarding which shows continue to do well and which shows start posting lows. To find out which new fall TV programs have had a promising start, check out our ratings roundup. In addition, you can check out which shows are getting ready to premiere with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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