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Tracy Morgan made a name for himself as a comedic powerhouse on the big screen, small screen, and standup circuit over the years, but he had to take a break from showbiz after a tragic traffic accident back in 2014. He's taken his time working his way back to the spotlight ever since, choosing to focus on his recovery rather than on his career. Now, it seems that his recovery time has paid off. Morgan has signed on to star in a new series for TBS that could be perfect for him.

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The new TBS show has yet to receive a title, but we can already tell that it has the potential to be hilarious. Tracy Morgan will star as Tracy, a man who has just been released from prison early on good behavior after 15 years. He discovers that a lot has changed in the world since he first went behind bars. His neighborhood in Brooklyn has been gentrified, his former girlfriend found a friendly and successful husband, and together they're raising Tracy's twin sons that he never knew existed. Tracy wants to make the most out of his new freedom by bonding with his children, but he lacks the means to support a life outside of prison. So, in a twist that should be worth laughs, Tracy will use some of the skills that he learned from the other inmates in prison to make a living in this new world.

TBS chose to forego the traditional pilot process and ordered the new project straight to series for 10 episodes, and it's easy to see why the network has so much faith. Tracy Morgan has proven that he has the comedic abilities as both an actor and a standup comedian to headline his own show, which has been designed to combine what works best out of Morgan's work as a standup with commentary on everything from race relations to the workings of crime and punishment in the United States. Morgan is on board as an executive producer.

The series has signed on more funny folks than just Tracy Morgan. Co-creators Jordan Peele of Key & Peele and John Carcieri of Vice Principals are also executive producers. Morgan and Peele actually began working on this project in early 2016, and it was then slated to air on FX. Eric and Kim Tannenbaum of Two and a Half Men fame will work as producers as well. TBS seems to have put together an all-star team to craft what could be a big hit of a single-camera comedy.

Hopefully the show will be able to find a solid cast to support Tracy Morgan on the new show. His promise to return to comedy is paying off in a big way, and it should be great to see him return to showbiz in an ongoing series. His fans should be thrilled that they'll be getting more than occasional appearances - such as the SNL hosting gig that gave him the confidence to continue moving forward as a funnyman - from him in the future.

Unfortunately, there's no set date for when we can expect Tracy Morgan to make his big TBS debut. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch in the meantime.

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