Legends Of Tomorrow Is Moving To A New Night, Here’s What We Know

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While we are still in the throes of fall programming and the CW has yet to air the four-way crossover the network has been touting for months, the channel is already figuring out its lineup for midseason. While a lot of shows will be back on their usual nights, the CW is making one big change to its winter lineup. That change has to do with Legends of Tomorrow, which is being shuffled from Thursday nights to Tuesday nights.

The move could prove to be a really smart one for the network. Currently, The CW's Thursday night lineup features Legends of Tomorrow followed by Supernatural. That lineup has been pretty steady for the network, but there's definitely room for change. Because shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Frequency and No Tomorrow are wrapping up at the very beginning of midseason, there are a lot of new and returning shows being added to the schedule and the CW needs to make some changes no matter what. Legends of Tomorrow will simply be popping in to No Tomorrow's time slot, and it should be a better fit for the schedule that night than a rom-com, anyway. Here's why we think it could work.

Legends happens to be the lowest-rated DC comics program on the CW while The Flash is the highest-rated program. Once the move happens, there's a chance that Flash fans who don't currently watch The CW's Thursday night lineup may simply stick around if Legends of Tomorrow is offered at a more convenient time. We'll have to wait and see how the numbers pan out, but the good news is that although Legends of Tomorrow is the lowest-rated DC comics show, it still does pretty well on the CW---and has done so without a Flash lead-in so far. It can only be uphill from here, right?

Legends of Tomorrow isn't the only series moving timeslots, but it is the only series doing some hopping in terms of nights. The new schedule released by the CW also indicates that Supernatural will be hopping into the 8 p.m. timeslot at midseason on Wednesdays. It will be followed by Riverdale in the schedule.

There are actually quite a few changes coming to the CW this winter. Mondays will stay the same, featuring Supergirl and then Jane the Virgin. Tuesdays will be the aforementioned Flash/ Legends setup. Wednesday will feature Arrow and the return of The 100. Thursday will feature the combo of Supernatural/Riverdale and Friday will sport _The Originals--_after The Vampire Diaries wraps up--along with Reign. You can take a look at how the whole midseason schedule is panning out, as well as all of the dates that shows will be returning with our TV schedule. If you came here looking specifically for Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, they will be back starting on January 24. Again, there's a few more episodes to come before TV veritably shuts down for winter break.

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