How Gotham Totally Screwed Jim Gordon

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Spoiler warning for those who haven't watched Gotham's latest episode.

Over the first half of Season 3, Gotham has put audiences up close and personal with the Court of Owls, the Mad Hatter (who has his own top hat in Arkham tonight, somehow), former Captain Barnes and many other wild and crazy characters and situations. Interwoven into the madness has been back-on-the-force Jim Gordon, who put himself in his most royally screwed predicament yet in tonight's "Beware the Green-Eyed Monster." Belying its Mad City subtitle, Gotham took things to a much more personal level, and Jim is the one who will be maddened in the near future.

The title's green-eyed monster is a Shakespearean reference to jealousy, which has been the beating heart of the Jim-Lee-Mario triangle that came to a bloody head tonight. Jim and Mario had words several times, with Jim forcing blood tests on the doctor to try to detect the Tetch virus he's suspected of having, and it was one of GCPD's finest who got the last word in this testosterone-oozing stand-off. Just as Mario is about to kill Lee in a belated rage over her admission about seeing her former lover yet again, Jim shows off his impeccable timing and bursts in the room, blasting Mario in the chest and leaving him presumably dead. The problem is, the weapon Mario was going to use on Lee was dropped into water and will probably go undetected, along with Jim's chances of getting out of this cleanly.

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From an occupational angle, Jim has already shown himself to be extremely obsessive when it comes to Mario and Lee's relationship, and Bullock knows damned well that Jim's heart won't heal properly without Lee. So even though it's known now that Mario's blood test results weren't as super-clean as it was initially thought, it will still appear very clear to just about anyone that Jim shot Mario in cold blood while on his honeymoon. A honeymoon for which he had not come across as threatening or envy-laden. So unless Jim has some incredibly amazing proof (of what?) hidden up his sleeve, he might find himself right back in prison.

Gotham also spent part of tonight's episode making Lee think that Jim is actually the one whose jealousy cannot be contained, as he interrupted her pre-wedding prep to offer up more warnings about Mario along with a declaration of his eternal love for her, which really pissed her off. And without that knife or any sign that Mario was actually trying to kill her, Lee will just see this as Jim going off the emotional deep end by possibly murdering her new husband. Not even Barbara would be into him after that.

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And then there's that whole revenge side of things, which will definitely come into play, regardless of if Mario is dead or just severely injured. Jim sat down with Carmine Falcone and specifically told the criminal kingpin that he would bring his son back in a manner that wasn't with a torso full of bullets. Carmine wanted to handle Mario's viral problems on his own terms, and nothing like that is going to happen now, so Jim is going to find himself in the crosshairs of a very dangerous man. Not to mention Carmine saw Jim kill two of his henchmen during that conversation, though I doubt the criminal would squeal on the cop.

However it plays out, Jim has dealt himself a hand full of short straws, and we won't see how it plays out for a little while. Gotham usually airs Monday nights on Fox, but we won't be catching up with Gotham City's good guys and bad guys until January 16, 2017. In the meantime, check out everything else hitting the small screen soon with our fall TV schedule and our midseason premiere schedule.

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