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New Sherlock Season 4 Trailer Is Dark And Thrilling

It's been a long time coming, but the new season of Sherlock is almost here. Season 4 arrives in the new year, but it won't be such a bright start for Sherlock and John. Everyone involved in the show has said that this will be the darkest season yet, and so far every trailer has confirmed it. Today, we have a new trailer for you that further proves how this might be the darkest season of the fan favorite show yet. Check it out.

It certainly isn't a game anymore. This new Sherlock trailer may be brief, but it further sells the idea that shit is going down in this season. It looks like there are some serious stakes, though everything is being kept intentionally vague. It's unclear exactly what's going on, but Sherlock looks constantly off his game and unnerved -- something he rarely ever is -- through the whole trailer. Some sort of life or death situation is coming, with Sherlock clutching a gun in a room with John and Mycroft in a few frames. Shots of every main character in the series further sell that the threat is personal, and someone might not be making it out alive.

The implication of this trailer seems to be that Sherlock will be put in a Batman Forever-type scenario, by having to choose to save just one of two people he loves. Speaking of love, he directly says that he loves someone, which should be sending the Sherlock shippers into a deviantart frenzy. It looks like this choice will be between John and Mycroft, but that could just be a spot of clever editing to hide what's really going on.

This trailer also offers us plenty of glimpses at Toby Jones' new villain character, Culverton Smith. Despite Season 3 ending with the possible return of Moriarty, Smith seems to be the main villain here. Smith was first teased about at San Diego Comic-Con, but little has been revealed about his character since then. It's clear he has some kind of grudge against Sherlock, presenting an interesting new challenge.

Several details about Season 4 are still unknown. Team Sherlock will see some cute new additions to the team. By the time the season starts, John and Mary will have had their baby, which will no doubt have some interesting interactions with Sherlock. Sherlock meanwhile will be getting a dog -- a hound specifically -- that was seen in some pictures released for the upcoming season. It's also been rumored that a third Holmes brother will be making his debut in the season, heavily rumored/ferociously wished by fans to be played by Tom Hiddleston.

Sherlock Season 4 hits the BBC on January 1, 2017. The finale of the season will also be getting a special limited theatrical release on January 16 and 18.

Matt Wood

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