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The Awesome Comic Character That Lucifer Is Probably Introducing

Fox's Lucifer has proven to be a good fit on Monday nights on Fox, airing opposite the networks other dark-ish comic series Gotham. So far, we've seen some big surprises from the Fox drama including but not limited to the introduction of Lucifer's mother, the big reveal related to Chloe Decker's conception and Lucifer's propensity to kill his own family members. Recently, showrunner Ildy Modrovich revealed that a big comics character may actually appear on the series sometime in the future. Reportedly it will be The Sandman series' Cain. Modrovich said:

We might invite a little character from the comic books, Cain, at some point.

Clearly the way the Lucifer showrunner is wording this to TV Line, the series hasn't scripted Cain in at this point or at least isn't willing to admit that Cain has officially been scripted in. Instead, it seems like the sort of idea that has been toyed with without locking anything official down, yet. Unless a surprise is imminent and Modrovich is simply trying to keep it under wraps.

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Still, the idea of bringing Cain in is an intriguing one. The comics character is Dream's protector and someone who was doomed to be immortal by God. As such, Lucifer cannot kill him. Since Lucy's abilities and occasional loss of those abilities thanks to Chloe Decker have been a big part of Lucifer through its run so far, it would be interesting to see a character like Cain show up. Of course, if you've been keeping tabs on Fox's series, you should know that Lucifer is only loosely based on the comics. The Fox drama has sort of turned the series into a procedural, albeit one with overarching plot threads. Bringing more of the original comics components in should be fun for fans of both mediums, at the very least.

We know there's a good chance you were hoping it might be Constantine, who made an appearance on the CW series Arrow after the NBC series Constantine met an untimely end. Unfortunately, Ildy Modrovich says that right now John Constantine being a player in Fox's Lucifer universe is not in the cards, although we were told to "never say never," which at least leaves a small amount of hope alive.

Currently, Lucifer is on hiatus on Fox, but is set to return after the midseason break. Since it was only recently that we got the big Chloe Decker reveal, there are a lot of loose plot threads that still need to be tied up after that big cliffhanger before the show moves on to the introduction of a brand new character, at least I'm assuming. Still Lucifer has been a lot of fun since it first started airing on Fox, and adding more comics nods could take the fun to another level. Catch the show when it returns on Fox in 2017 and find out when the rest of your favorites will be back with our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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