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Season 7 of The Walking Dead has been a doozy. Starting with an explosive and brutal premiere which saw two main characters murdered, things slowed down quite a bit. The first half of the season was made up of mostly capsule episodes, focusing on just a few characters at a time. Perhaps the best of these episodes focused on Negan and The Saviors, exploring what life inside The Sanctuary is like. Here, we were reintroduced to Dwight and Sherry, two Saviors who are under constant torture at the hands of Negan. Now it appears that Sherry could end up being a much larger character in future episodes of The Walking Dead.

Sherry is played by actress Christine Evangelista in AMC's apocalyptic drama, and she recently spoke to Yahoo about the way her character functions within The Sanctuary. She hints at Sherry's true intentions, which certainly make it seem like big things are coming for the character in the future.

When she and Dwight came back to the Sanctuary ... he was going to be murdered, and she agreed to become [Negan's] wife in exchange for his life. I think she's looking at this as just this very self-sacrificial thing: 'This is who I have to be in order for us all to survive.' It's almost mechanical in a way. She's always plotting a next move. She's very strong, she's very determined, but she's always a step ahead in some way.

Sounds pretty promising, right? While Sherry certainly was a scene stealer this season, the audience might not have thought much of her future on the show. Alas, Sherry might be ready to raise some hell in the back half of Season 7.

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What is perhaps the most intriguing about Christine Evangelista's statement is how it closed. Sherry is a strong woman who is apparently a step ahead of Negan. So what could that mean? For one, perhaps there will be some infighting among The Saviors once Negan returns to their compound with Eugene. The villain's brutal way of ruling through fear surely bothers his followers, so maybe Sherry has begun assembling some folks for a revolt. Or she's playing a larger game with Negan, and waiting for the right time to finally strike back.

Christine Evangelista's above statement may also help solve one of the mysteries revolving the midseason finale. Daryl spent the majority of the season as a prisoner of The Saviors, but all of that changed when a mysterious note ended up in his cell. A key was attached, telling Daryl to escape immediately, which he eventually did. But who sent the note? If Sherry is truly one step ahead of Negan and his cronies, then it sounds to reason that she may have been the one responsible for freeing Daryl. We saw her feeling guilty in earlier episodes, so this may be her way of making amends with Mr. Dixon.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC on February 12th.

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