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The Crazy Way Friends Connects To Home Alone


Sometimes, years after a TV series has been off the air, someone, somewhere will find a hidden secret that no one knew about. Sometimes this can be a cool easter egg and in other cases, it opens the door for really weird fan theories; this is one of the latter. Someone one the internet has found a strange connection between the hit TV show Friends and the holiday flick, Home Alone. Neither share any obvious similarities on the surface, but this video points out that the two are more connected than we think. Apparently, Monica and Chandler actually bought the house from Home Alone.

The YouTube channel 22 Vision, has somehow discovered an odd connection between Friends and Home Alone. Most likely after watching a re-run on TBS, where good sitcoms go to live forever, 22 Vision noticed that the house Monica and Chandler buy at the end of the series is the exact same as Kevin McCallister's house from Home Alone. It's a next to impossible thing to notice, but give the internet enough time and it'll solve all the questions in the universe.

During the scene where Monica and Chandler visit the house they wish to buy with Joey, a backdrop of the neighborhood can be seen through the living room windows. There's certainly nothing unusual or immediately noticeable about a street that could be from anywhere in the world, but two details apparently stick out: the houses across the street. One house has striking similarities to the blue house seen across the street from Kevin's house in Home Alone, including the appearance of the wreath on the front door. A view of the garage attached to another house happens to look exactly like the garage of the Murphy's house from Home Alone, also giving this theory a certain level of credibility.

Hopefully, the Bings did a sweep of that house for traps because some majorly dangerous things went down there. I'd hate for Chandler to just open a door and have his hair lit on fire.

It's fun to think about, but the connection to the two is more than likely a total accident. Whoever picked the generic street background for the set probably took it from stock footage from Home Alone, either by accident or as a fun little inside joke. While imagining Chandler in the place of either of the Wet Bandits is endlessly amusing, it's technically impossible for that to be the same house for really buzzkill reasons. Home Alone was produced by John Hughes and, like many Hughes romps, it took place in Chicago. Friends takes place in New York, and that house was located upstate. The houses are in entirely different states. (I told you it was buzzkill). You can take a look at the whole video below.

Now if you manage to find a connection with Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, then I'd be willing to listen. Until then, don't come at me with that weak sauce Friends knowledge.

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