Tis the season to indulge in binge-viewings of various Christmas classics, and for this movie fan, Home Alone and its sequel are two of them. Of course, it's hard not to watch Home Alone and Home Alone: Lost in New York and not ponder the great, unanswered mysteries of the films.

In fairness, both movies actually do a pretty good job of writing Kevin McAllister into the shenanigans that await him, and we're not here to nitpick major plot points like why no one but Kevin's parents try to get the police involved almost ever throughout both movies. Each movie needs a pass on some things in order for it to exist. But there are some nagging questions I just can't get around...

Why would Kevin be expected to pack his own suitcase?

In the first movie, Kevin's Aunt Leslie scoots Kevin off to go pack his suitcase, as though this is something a kid should have any business doing ahead of an international family vacation. It's no wonder Kevin's immediately stressed out. Now, if Aunt Leslie were an adult with no experience with young children, we might give her ridiculous order a pass, but she has four or five of her own. She should know better. Assuming Aunt Leslie told all of her kids to pack their own suitcases, I imagine Fuller's bringing a lot of Pepsi to France.

Speaking of which...

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