How To Watch Homeland’s Season Premiere Ahead Of Schedule


Sometimes the wait between seasons of a popular show can be excruciating, and it doesn't get any easier when that show takes an extended delay, like the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. It's been almost a year since fans of Showtime's hit show Homeland have seen a new episode, but now that patience is finally being rewarded. Showtime is allowing fans to view the Season 6 premiere ahead of its scheduled release date.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first episode of Homeland Season 6 is available to watch for those who subscribe to Showtime and any of its streaming services or on-demand platforms. The episode went live on December 30, a whole 17 days before the scheduled premiere. The last new episode of Homeland was the Season 5 finale on December 20, 2015, meaning it's been over a year since a new episode of Homeland was available for viewing pleasure. This was the longest break yet for the hit drama, which took time off so that the writers could craft a compelling narrative for the season. I tell ya, that better be one good season of television after a year of nothing.

This sneak peek is a nice gesture of Showtime for fans who were feeling that Homeland itch, but this isn't the first time that the network has offered a season premiere ahead of time. They've made episodes of The Affair, Masters of Sex, Billions, and Shameless available ahead of time to subscribers, and even non-subscribers through Youtube.

Hopefully, Season 6 of Homeland will be worth the wait. Picking up several months after Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) thwarted a terrorist attack, she is now living in Brooklyn with her daughter Frannie, and works for a foundation that provides aid to Muslims living in the U.S. The entire season will take place between election day and the inauguration of the president-elect -- which was the first elected woman president. The backdrop of the timely election will see the government in transition, a period filled with anxiety, and competing interests in the exchange of powers.

You can check out the trailer for Season 6 right here to hold you over in case you have to wait until the real premiere because you aren't a Showtime subscriber.

For those who don't watch it ahead of time, Homeland Season 6 premieres on January 15 at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime. For more returning shows, check out 2017 midseason TV premiere schedule.

Matt Wood

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