Yellowjackets Season 2: The 4 Characters Most Likely To Be Pit Girl

Shauna and Lottie in Yellowjackets Season 2
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Premium TV channels like HBO and Showtime have the opportunity to shoot and release content that pushes the envelope. One of the latter network's recent hits is definitely Yellowjackets, which finally returned for its highly anticipated second season (and you can find out how to watch Yellowjackets Season 2 with our guide). There are countless questions about what went down in the woods, especially regarding who was Pit Girl from the show's bloody Season 1 cold open. Given how Season 2 of Yellowjackets went down, here are the 4 characters most likely to be Pit Girl. With the cast recently having their second cannibalistic meal, it looks things in the woods are really shaping up. Although I'm curious to see if Yellowjackets' bonus episode will affect any theories.

Yellowjackets became wildly popular for those with Showtime or certain Paramount+ subscriptions, thanks to its stellar cast and truly chilling concept. The pilot immediately turned heads thanks to the opening scene which saw one of the team killed in a pit of spikes, before being cooked and eaten by the remaining girls. Although with both Van and Lottie confirmed to have survived (and appearing as adults in the modern timeline), the list of suspects for Pit Girl has gone down. Luckily the show seemingly knows this, and has been spotlighting some of the smaller characters as a result. And with a deck of cards seemingly how the girls pick who gets "sacrificed" things are really heating up. What's more, it looks like the person who is chosen by the wilderness will end up wearing Jackie's necklace, as seen in that opening scene. Let's break down who might be Pit Girl. 

Alexa Barajas as Mari in Yellowjackets

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Mari, played by actress Alexa Barajas, is arguably the biggest Yellowjackets supporting character on this list. Season 1 saw the death of both Laura Lee and Ella Purnell's Jackie, both of whom were popular choices to possibly be Pit Girl. And as such, Mari might be one of the most likely choices as the identity of the doomed mystery character. What's more, she kind of looks like the Pit Girl, although that character's appearance was limited and her face was not shown.

It should be interesting to see where Mari's character goes in Season 3. She spent a ton of time in the first season putting a wedge between Jackie and Shauna, when she wasn't busy making various soups to feed the girls. She was back to stirring the pot (literally and figuratively) for Yellowjackets Season 2, but we'll see if she managed to survive the show's upcoming third Season on Showtime. She seems to be leaning in on her more primal feeling lately; she's instigating the rift between JV and Varsity, she looked ready to fight Coach Scott in the cabin, and she's the biggest believer of Mari's "powers." It would be quite the twist if she ended up being the victim of her own warped belief system in the woods.

Mya Lowe as Gen in Yellowjackets

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Gen has actually been around since Yellowjackets Season 1, although she wasn't always named. Actress Jenna Burgess was credited at Yellowjacket #1 throughout the show's first season on the air, appearing in seven episodes in total. We got to briefly catch up with her in the Season 2 premiere, where we learned more about the building tensions on the JV faction of the titular team.

During that brief bit of dialogue between the JV girls, it was revealed that they were all super sick of Crystal's (aka Kristen's) singing. What's more, it seems like there's growing resentment to the Varsity girls. It should be fascinating to see if these continue rising, and possibly boil over into the violent events teased in the trailer. Could Gen be Pit Girl? It certainly seems possible. 

Nia Sondaya as Akilah in Yellowjackets

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Akilah is a returning character who was also featured in Season 1 of Yellowjackets, albeit by a different actress. For Season 2 Nia Sondaya takes on the mantle from Keeya King, who played her in the first season. She's arguably one of the most capable members of the team in regards to surviving in the wilderness, as she was shown foraging for food, stitching Van's face, and even making feminine products for the girls. 

Akilah is unlikely to be Pit Girl merely because she looks so different from the character that was killed in Yellowjackets' cold open. But she also is far from safe, as it's unclear if she managed to make it out of the wilderness alive. She's seemingly losing it as a result of starving, as shown when it was revealed that her mouse friend was actually dead. Only time will tell just how many girls end up killed (and possibly served up for dinner). 

Jenna Burgess as Melissa in Yellowjackets

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Like Gen, Melissa is a character who was only officially given a name during Season 2 of Yellowjackets. Previously known as Yellowjacket #2, she's played in both season by actress Jenna Burgess. And if the Season 2 is any indication, she and the other JV girls are seemingly going to become much more significant characters as we get deeper into the thrilling show.

Both Melissa and Gen seemed to be pretty miserable at the start of Season 2, but really who can blame them? The scene shared between them and Crystal showed just one way that Season 2 was going to be different from its predecessor. I have to assume that the tension building between the JV and Varsity factions will escalate, perhaps even serving as a catalyst for the violence and ritualistic cannibalism that we all know is coming down the line. The trailer for Season 2 showed one moment in particular, where Jasmin Savoy Brown's Taissa and others are shown running through the woods with weapons. But now we know that they were chasing Natalie, who was saved thanks to Javi/The Wilderness

It's unclear when the identity of Pit Girl will be revealed, but the showrunners and cast certainly know that fans are wondering. As such, they might try to offer more clues along the way. After all, we know that she was wearing Jackie's necklace when she was brutally murdered. And before their cremation attempt, Lottie took Jackie's necklace off her dead body and gave it to Shauna. Fans are also constantly analyzing the footwear of the cast, as one of the killers who feasted on Pit Girl was wearing pink converses. 

Yellowjackets airs new episodes Fridays on Showtime's application, before its TV broadcast on Sundays. Be sure to check out the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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