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Warning: Spoilers are ahead for the midseason premiere of This is Us. Feel free to read one of our other articles if you haven't caught up yet.

This is Us quickly became one of the biggest hits of the fall, and when the show left for winter hiatus, it left a lot of people in shock. What was shaping up to be a lovely Christmas for the Pearson clan, turned to tragedy when Toby collapsed during the celebration at Randall's and later flat-lined while on the operating table. Well, after weeks of waiting, we finally know how that cliffhanger turned out. It looks like Toby will be just fine...eventually.

Shortly after the show opens, we find out that Toby had an arrhythmia, basically a not-quite-heart-attack. While Kate is visiting her on-again boyfriend in the hospital, the doctor reveals to Toby that he's actually got a small hole between two of his heart's chambers, and recommends another surgery to him.

Unfortunately, for the doctor to fit Toby into his surgical schedule, he would have to operate the next morning, and Toby is not in the mood for another surgery so soon, especially since the doctor did say that treating his condition with medication was a viable option. Kate, on the other hand, thinks he should go ahead with the procedure. This, of course, leads to a (relatively gentle) argument where Kate tells Toby he's being a "child" and an "idiot" for not wanting to fix his heart and then walks out.

Well, Kate was able to talk some sense into Toby, because he changes his mind and decides to have the procedure. By the time Kate gets back to the hospital, though, he's already being prepped for surgery. Toby's nerves are starting to get the better of him and in an effort to get things off of his chest in case the operation doesn't go well, he tells Kate that he's in love with her. She is, naturally, in a bit of shock to hear it, too.

Seeing as how This is Us wouldn't give us yet another Toby cliffhanger so soon, we do get to see that he comes out of his second surgery in as many days just fine. While he's in recovery, Kate visits him and is trying to talk to what she figures is a sleeping Toby, when he shows her that he's been awake the whole time she's been in there with him. And, in case you were thinking that his confession of love was simply a panic move before his operation, he makes his feelings for Kate clear by telling her that he would "marry the hell out of her" if she wants him to. So, it looks like things will be going pretty good for Kate and Toby in the coming weeks.

You can keep up with Kate and Toby as he recovers when This is Us airs Tuesdays on NBC. Be sure to check out our midseason premiere schedule to see what else you can watch over the next few weeks.

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