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American Horror Story Just Got Huge Renewal News From FX

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One of the hit cable series responsible for the glorious wave of horror series that have recently been populating primetime TV, American Horror Story already showed no signs of fading, with both co-creator Ryan Murphy and FX's head honcho having spoken about the anthology series going years into the future. Already confirmed for Season 7 to premiere in 2017, American Horror Story just got even better news from FX, which has also ordered up Season 8 and Season 9, guaranteeing at least three more seasons of interconnected madness and depravity. 666 cheers!

FX CEO John Landgraf announced the renewal today, with Fox Television Group co-CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman were supportive and congratulatory of the horror series as Landgraf in their statement. Perhaps interestingly, no years were specified for when Season 8 or Season 9 will premiere, and while the absence of evidence is not evidence, this sizable renewal could feed into the comments that Ryan Murphy made some months back about filming a "secret season" and putting out two seasons in a single year. That might be reading too far into things, but going too far is what American Horror Story does best.

American Horror Story isn't just beloved by FX for bonkers narratives and its cast of mostly regulars, of course, but for its consistently solid ratings and its many award-shaped accolades. (This year was the first that the show got completely snubbed by the Golden Globes, so it'll be interesting to see what the Emmys do.) American Horror Story: Roanoke and its reality show-mocking structure had a total viewer average of 10.91 weekly viewers (across all platforms) and earned the third highest 18-49 key demo rating (and 18-34) in all of cable's 200+ scripted series, AND was #1 in both of those demos as well. Its delayed stats were an improvement over American Horror Story: Hotel, and they are further proof of the show's streak as a demo king on both FX and cable.

FX has been known to hand out multi-season orders to series in the past - it's a practice that is becoming more common among many networks, actually - but dropping a double dose of renewals on top of a season that hasn't even gone into production yet? That's proof of the utmost confidence in a series that has delivered multiple scenes of characters in sexual situations with mythical beasts. The ongoing TCA winter press tour has brought much good news for many different TV shows, and you'll find no better announcements out there for American Horror Story fans.

No news has been released yet for what fans can specifically expect from American Horror Story Season 7 (unless you believe in the theories), but Ryan Murphy has guaranteed we won't be put through the "secret theme" wringer that we got last year, and the usual springtime reveal will probably be how it goes this time around. So plan for more ghastly plot twists and brutal bludgeonings this fall, and head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what's showing up on the small screen in the near future.

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