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While it's already been a month since Rogue One: A Star Wars Story flew into theaters, the conversations revolving around Star Wars' first standalone movie hasn't slowed down. And while Rogue One had some big names, it's also a star-making moment for newcomers like Riz Ahmed. Ahmed played the hilariously quirky Bodhi Rook, a former Imperial pilot who defected to the rebels. Ahmed also had a break out role in the acclaimed HBO drama The Night Of, making 2016 basically Ahmed's year. This success should only continue as he gains notoriety, and Riz Ahmed is already heading back to the small screen in less than a month.

Entertainment Weekly recently did a preview of everything to expect in HBO's Girls, which will debut its sixth and final season in just a month's time. It revealed there that Riz Ahmed will be guest starring in Girls this season, specifically in the premiere episode.

Riz Ahmed will play a surfer character, who meets series lead Hannah (Lena Dunham), and presumably attempts to teach her how to surf. Fans of the series will know that Hannah often runs away from any sort of physical activity, so this interaction is sure to be great TV.

Girls executive producer and occasional director Jenni Konner went into some detail about Riz Ahmed's performance, as well as how his newcomer character will affect the greater narrative of the series. With a finite amount of episodes left in the comedy, any new characters that are introduced can be assured to push at least one character's plot forward, and Riz's will do so for Hannah.

Riz is incredible. He's obviously playing a very different kind of character than The Night Of or Rogue One --- a full-on surfer dude who pontificates about the water! He dips in and out of Hannah's life in an important way.

It looks like Riz Ahmed will be able to flex his comedic muscles in Girls' season premiere. We've seen his sense of humor through interviews and press junkets, so I'm really looking forward to seeing him live in such a silly and funny world.

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What is clear from his inclusion in yet another HBO series is that the premium network really likes Riz Ahmed. This can be a major help in a growing career, as HBO has been known to keep their favorites steadily employed. Just look at Evan Rachel Wood. After doing a few episodes as Queen Sophie in True Blood, she eventually booked a leading role in the miniseries Mildred Pierce. And now Wood is once again working for HBO as the leading character in the sci-fi hit Westworld, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Girls will premiere for the final time on February 12th, including the delightful Riz Ahmed.

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