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Will Archie Be The Next Big TV Franchise?

Jughead and Archie in Riverdale on The CW

The CW's Riverdale is doing well with critics and audiences alike. Now, it looks like we might be getting more from the world of Archie Comics. The company has just signed an exclusive deal with Warner Bros. Television to develop more of its properties for new TV show and other types of original content.

Word of the Archie Comics and Warner Bros. Television deal came down today, and it could mean that we'll soon be seeing a lot more of the Archie Comics characters on the small screen before too long. So, while we could see a new show focused on Sabrina the Teenage Witch or a Riverdale spinoff that focuses on Josie and the Pussycats, this new deal applies to more than just the denizens of Riverdale and nearby towns. The deal also applies to lesser known characters that the company has published comics for, including Katy Keene, a model/actress/singer who made her comic debut in 1945, Wilbur Wilkin, a character which actually debuted before Archie, The Mighty Crusaders, who are the equivalent of the Avengers or The Justice League, Li'l Jinx, and the superheroes of the Archie Comics Dark Circle imprint.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this deal between the two companies is a lot like the one Warner Bros. Television made with DC Comics. Of course, that partnership has seen a whole stable of shows on TV in recent years. It's the deal that made The CW home to Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, gave Fox Gotham and NBC Powerless. So, it looks a lot like we could be coming into a time when the Archie-verse will rule on The CW just like the Arrow-verse currently does.

Now, it's worth noting that any new shows that come out of this deal aren't guaranteed to end up on The CW. Just like with the DC Comics deal, this partnership is with Warner Bros., meaning that the shows could end up on any number of channels. But, since Riverdale is already airing on The CW to decent ratings, it does make sense that the network would get first crack at a series based on one of the other properties that are owned by Archie Comics.

The deal is part of a push that Archie Comics has been making since 2009 to modernize the comics by showing the characters in a new light. While you can still get Archie comic books that show classic iterations of the characters, there are also new versions of the characters that clearly exist in today's world, which you can experience via the New Riverdale line of comics or in arcs like Afterlife with Archie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

We'll keep you up to date on any new Archie Comics shows as information becomes available. For now, you can catch Riverdale when it airs on The CW on Thursdays.

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