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As This Is Us is only a couple weeks away from its Season 1 finale, things were bound to get emotional. That seems obvious at this point, but what kind of emotion should audiences expect going into the episode? While last week may have brought on some sadness and frustration, which we'll get into later, showrunner Dan Fogleman says we should prep the tissues for tonight's episode:

It's a weeper. And it's not just a weeper in the way the audience might be trying to predict what's going to happen; they weep for other reasons. It is a really beautiful hour of television

The episode in question will find Randall and William in Memphis, Tennessee, and Randall will learn more about the birthplace and history of his biological father. This means exploring the city, as well as Randall meeting William's relatives and family. As an audience, we'll be transported back in time to see a younger William and his family and to learn more about his life prior to giving up Randall at the fire station. Essentially, if you're a fan of Randall and want to learn more about William, you're going to love tonight's episode. But that doesn't explain exactly why it will be a "weeper."

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If you aren't caught up on This Is Us, now would be a great time to check out one of our other articles. The trip comes an episode after Randall suffered a nervous breakdown after a long, no good and very bad day. The adopted Pearson's breakdown was a painful thing to witness as a viewer, so it's good to see he is taking steps to get back on the road of healing. The last thing I wanted to see this week was Randall taking another beating at work or unable to clear his mind. If this episode is as heartfelt as it sounds, I'm sure I'm going to be weeping tonight just because I want Randall to be OK.

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Parts of tonight's episode of This Is Us were actually shot in Memphis. Dan Fogleman tells EW many of the places we see Randall and William go in the episode are actual places you can visit in the city. Coming from a city where Parks and Recreation often filmed scenes, I can say it's always cool when a show takes the time to visit your city, as opposed to making it in Hollywood. Tennessee residents will be happy to note that Fogleman describes tonight's episode as a "love letter," to the city. Maybe that's what all the weeping will be about... or not.

I want William to be OK as well, or at least get some closure with his son before he passes on. Last week's episode showed a scared and upset William locking his hospice nurse out of the house and telling Randall he's afraid to die. This vacation will hopefully bring as much peace of mind to his character as it hopefully does Randall, weeping or no weeping. Catch This Is Us tonight on NBC at 9 p.m. ET and remember that next week's episode will not be airing at its usual time!

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