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The Huge Afterlife With Archie Reference Riverdale Just Used

Warning: Some spoilers ahead for Riverdale, Episode 5. Feel free to move on to one of our other fabulous articles until you've caught up.

The CW's Riverdale is a re-imagining of the classic Archie comics that we all know and love from when we were kids, so it's only fitting that the show would reference another newfangled version of those beloved comics: Afterlife with Archie, which follows Archie and his friends through a zombie apocalypse. And, with the latest episode, the high school drama wasted no time in getting that reference on screen. Within the first few minutes of the show, we got a good look at a zombie-fied Jason Blossom, much to the horror of his sister, Cheryl. Take a look.

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As you can see from this photo taken from the episode, which was posted to the Afterlife with Archie Facebook page, they were not playing around with zombie Jason Blossom. This, of course, is not the first time we've seen a disgustingly dead Jason, that's happened at least a couple of times already in the series, but this is the first time we've seen him dead and sort of alive at the same time.

The opening moments of the episode featured Jughead narrating as we're taken into the creepy Blossom estate, Thorn Hill, which, appropriately enough for the house that all the kids in town are scared of, even features its own graveyard. Inside, a grief-stricken Cheryl is preparing for her brother's memorial service and decides to take a peek inside his casket. She opens the lid to find his casket empty, but with bloody scratch marks on the inside of the lid. Then, over her shoulder, we see zombie Jason standing behind her. Cheryl turns around, he reaches for her, and she wakes up, haven fallen asleep in his bed while trying to write a eulogy for him.

It's a sufficiently creep-filled moment in a show that's managed to bring a lot of chills without resorting to things like zombies or witches (ahem) being an actual part of the reality of the show. Nope, Riverdale is just a small town with lots of secrets where a teenage boy was recently shot in the head and dumped in the local river. Any of the jump scares you get here are strictly the real world kind, which might actually make them worse.

Should Riverdale decide to bring actual supernatural beings to life in the town, we'll certainly let you know. You can keep up with all the mysterious shenanigans yourself when Riverdale airs Thursdays on The CW.

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