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Bob Harper NBC The Biggest Loser Host

Bob Harper is now recovering after what has been described as a very serious heart attack. The longtime host of NBC's The Biggest Loser is recovering in New York City after what must have been a scary event for all involved. Now, two weeks removed from the incident, Harper is sharing the details on what went down that day and tells of an event that could have been fatal had the right people not been around to assist.

Bob Harper has revealed that he was working out in a New York City gym when he collapsed to the floor. A doctor, who just happened to be working out at the same time, immediately began CPR on Harper and used resuscitation paddles to keep him alive until paramedics were on the scene. Harper was unconscious for two days before he awoke in a NYC hospital. After eight days of hospitalization, TMZ writes Harper has been released but has still not been cleared by doctors to fly back to his home in Los Angeles.

As for the cause of the heart attack, Bob Harper is putting it all on genetics. Harper reports that his mother passed away from a heart attack, which means that heart issues are in his family history. Lifestyle choices do seem unlikely for the host, who works as a personal trainer for stars and runs his own website dedicated to weight loss and healthy eating. As far as eating habits go, Harper was known to follow a vegan diet as recently as 2013, but there is no current information on his eating habits.

Bob Harper isn't as active as some celebrities on social media, but he did make one vague reference to his heart attack on Instagram prior to his reveal to news outlets. The picture in question shows a scented candle on a table with the caption "My word of the day...LUCKY" attached to it. Considering the initial severity of the situation, and the amount of time Harper was unconscious, I think we can all agree with him!

There's no word yet on whether or not Bob Harper's heart attack will affect his hosting the next season of The Biggest Loser. In fact, there has been no explicit confirmation by NBC that The Biggest Loser will air in 2017. Last year, the series was under fire for allegations that contestants were being given illicit weight loss drugs that sparked an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. Harper did recently appear on an episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, however, so perhaps that indicates an announcement may be made regarding a new season of The Biggest Loser soon. We'll keep you in the loop on what Harper's role will be should that happen. Until then, check out our midseason premiere guide for a host of NBC content that's premiering in March.