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The CW's Arrow has thrown a lot of mysteries at the audience over its four and a half seasons on the air, and all during Season 5 we've been wondering about a few more big ones. But, it looks like we won't have the answers to everything by the time the end of this season rolls around. Unfortunately, according to Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim, it seems like we'll probably still be in the dark on the identity of one of the season's biggest adversaries for Team Arrow: Vigilante. Here's what Guggenheim had to say on the matter:

We know the answer to that. You probably will not get the answer to that in season 5

Well, dammit, Marc Guggenheim. Will you change your mind about revealing Vigilante's identity if all the fans get together and really, really beg you for it? No? Sorry, guys, I tried.

While it's certainly good to know that the team behind the scenes at Arrow has a handle on who Vigilante is, it's disappointing to hear Marc Guggenheim tell Entertainment Weekly that we, likely, will not be privy to that answer by the time Season 5 ends. Masked individuals and mysterious bad guys aren't generally able to keep their identities a big secret for longer than one season in the Arrow-verse. Between Felicity's hacking skills and Oliver's interrogation skills on the street, the team usually manages to figure out who everyone is before too long, and they often get the details on where or how to find them when they want, as well. Not having them find out who Vigilante is would definitely be a big change from that pattern.

Beware: spoilers for the most recent episode of Arrow are coming up now. So feel free to look away if you haven't caught up yet.

Arrow fans are even more anxious to know who Vigilante is now that we have the answer to another mysterious person who's challenged the team this season. This week, we learned that the super dangerous villain Prometheus is actually Oliver's trusted advisor to the mayor's office, D.A. Adrian Chase. The news was shocking, but not just because Chase appeared to help Oliver during the day and then went on to try to kill him at night, but because the audience thought that Chase was actually the masked vigilante who's willing to murder bad guys known as...Vigilante.

Why did we think that, when it was never explicitly stated on the show, you ask? Well, in some DC comics storylines, Adrian Chase is Vigilante, so, when the two characters showed up in the same season, it made sense that they would be one and the same. Boy, did Arrow ever pull a fast one on us by switching things up in a major way.

Damn them for keeping us guessing! You can try to piece together the identity of Vigilante when Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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