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American Horror Story is known for recycling its own cast of talented actors over and over again, and a lot of the fun of a new season is seeing familiar faces tackle brand new roles. That said, the latest casting news for Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story Season 7 has revealed a fresh face who will be joining the team, and she could be a perfect fit. Billie Lourd of Scream Queens has landed what sounds like a major role.

Billie Lourd has been cast as a lead opposite Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story Season 7. Unsurprisingly, Deadline reports that no details have yet been released about who she'll be playing, but it's worth getting excited. While Lourd hasn't appeared on American Horror Story, she is a veteran of Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens, so we can be sure that she can tackle all the weirdness and jump scares that American Horror Story could possibly send her way.

Season 7 of American Horror Story will be based on the 2016 presidential election. The action will pick up on election night and follow a cast of characters in the aftermath. Ryan Murphy has said that the story will be more allegory than a re-telling of the actual events, and he hasn't even been entirely clear on whether Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be characters. It's quite possible that we'll simply see surrogate characters for the two presidential candidates.

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We can't say for sure at this point who will play the candidates, although we can probably rule out the 24-year-old Billie Lourd as the Hillary Clinton character. Lourd is actually the second brand new cast member who has been announced for Season 7. We learned last month that Billy Eichner has signed on for a recurring role that will involve a set of "mysterious tank tops." They'll be joined by returning favorites Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters for the election action.

Billie Lourd has been making headlines for several months, although for more tragic reasons than landing a new role on an exciting show. The daughter of Carrie Fisher and granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds, Lourd has had to deal with their deaths in the public eye. Hopefully the next few months will be easier than the past few months.

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