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Spoilers ahead for the season finale of The Walking Dead. If you haven't caught up, you may want to check out a different story.

As in the case with any adapted TV series, The Walking Dead has plenty of purists who are eager to see their favorite comic book adventures played out on the small screen. And with series head Robert Kirkman heavily involved in the TV series, the majority of major plot points occur almost word for word with the source material. Season 7's explosive finale episode already changed a few things in regards to Sasha's death, there was a more subtle change that happened before the big coffin moment.

Euegene on next to the truck from the finale

Those with an eagle eye will have noticed that when Eugene attempted to convince Rick to surrender, there was a large truck in the background. The fictional moving company "Trust a Move" seemed to be the former owners of the vehicle, which is a delightful and hilarious name for a moving company. And while that could have been the end of the story, the truck was actually an easter egg for the comic book fans.

Within the pages of Robert Kirkman's graphic novel series, Negan had a very similar truck in his position. But rather than Trust a Move, the truck had an even more hilarious Bust a Move logo printed on it. This truck appeared a few times in The Walking Dead comics, because how can you not chuckle at the title?

Busta Move truck from The Walking Dead comics

So why did The Walking Dead TV show change the the name of the truck? It turns out, it's for legal reasons. Showrunner Scott Gimple recently revealed that an actual business got in the way of using Bust a Move on the TV series. He told Indiewire:

In the book, it's 'Bust a Move.' We wanted to use 'Bust a Move' but we couldn't, because between the time the book did it and we were able to do it on the show, I guess there's actually a Bust a Move company now. We were really bummed, because we wanted to do it exactly like the book. But actually 'Trust a Move' might be a better name of the company.

Well, that stinks. Although the fact that AMC probably utilized their legal time to weight the pros and cons of an easter egg of this size is pretty hilarious.

And Scott Gimple does have a point. Trust a Move sounds like an upstanding business that you can trust with moving your possessions, where Bust a Move sounds just a bit more careless.

Overall, this is a great little easter egg that will be enjoyable on the Season 7 finale's rewatch. And considering all the tiger face eating action and guns fired, it's an episode that will be rewatched quite a bit.

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere June 4, 2017 on AMC. Be sure to check out our full summer premiere list and set your DVR accordingly.

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