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You should be very excited about Season 10 of Doctor Who. While it's bittersweet because we'll be saying goodbye to Peter Capaldi and others following the conclusion of this season, it definitely appears everyone is going out with a bang! The first ten episode titles for the new season (which premieres this Saturday) have hit the web and it looks like we're in for new villains, one of Steven Moffat's favorite episodes of all time, and an elephant.

It's true; all of it. Doctor Who Magazine (via Digital Spy) already has me hyped about the Season 10 premiere, and I've only just read a couple of episode titles! In terms of villain episodes, we've already learned that actor John Simm will be returning as The Master, and that the classic Mondasian Cybermen would be making their way back as well. Now, we've learned the Ice Warriors, who were first spotted in Season 5 of the original Doctor Who, will be returning. The episode title itself is "The Empress Of Mars" which has led to speculation that we will be seeing the first female Ice Warrior in this episode. Beyond that, there's another episode called "The Eaters Of Light" which, obviously, teases some enemy, but I have no idea who or what it could be. With a name like that, however, I'm very excited to find out!

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Episode 5, which is titled "Oxygen," is already being hyped up by showrunner Steven Moffat. Moffat, who will be departing following the Season 10 conclusion of Doctor Who, says the episode is one of his favorites of all time. That's good to hear, as I'd hate to hear that the soon-to-be former showrunner felt like he left anything undone with Chris Chibnall taking over. If this episode is even half as good as "Blink," I'll be more than satisfied.

As for the elephant, it sounds like we're going to see it ironically on the worst episode for it to appear on. The episode "Thin Ice" will feature a frozen river Thames and, supposedly, an elephant, which seem to appear quite often in the Doctor Who universe. None of these appearances are particularly interesting, and they are incredibly sporadic, but in total there are at least 13 times across all Doctor Who media that an elephant is seen or mentioned. If this elephant ends up being the crux to the entirety of Season 10, I don't know what I'll do.

In summary, you should clear your schedule for Doctor Who when it premieres on The BBC this Saturday, April 15th at 9 p.m. ET. I'm really hoping Season 10 gives Peter Capaldi, Stephen Moffat, and any others departing the send off they deserve as Doctor Who enters a new era. Tune in this Saturday and be sure to check out our midseason premiere guide to see when the Doctor Who spin-off Class will be premiering. You can also visit our summer premiere schedule for any other shows announced or returning that you may have forgotten about.

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