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A couple of seasons ago, fans of The Walking Dead comics were jazzed to find out the show was finally adding the dependable survivor Heath to the ensemble, with Straight Outta Compton standout Corey Hawkins nabbed for the role. Unfortunately, the fan favorite character got the short end of the stick once Hawkins signed on as the lead in Fox's 24: Legacy, and now it's been announced that Hawkins' schedule is too busy to accommodate the existence of a second season for the 24 spinoff. So that pretty much means we won't see Heath in Season 8 or ever again, right?

The Walking Dead is known for changing up characters' stories as they switch from the comics to live-action, and so that might have been a suitable enough reason for Heath to fall by the wayside when it comes to the central narrative, though not a great one. But there weren't very many creative decisions that went into it, since the character's future was dictated by how much filming time Corey Hawkins could afford, thanks to the 24: Legacy pilot's production, followed by the series order and so on. And if he is currently too busy to do the project that caused him to drop The Walking Dead, Heath's return has as much of a chance of popping up in Alexandria this fall as Jack Bauer does.

During Fox's conference call this morning ahead of the network's Upfronts presentations, co-CEO Gary Newman stated that any potential Season 2 for 24: Legacy is currently not on the table for the fall season. And it's all because Corey Hawkins is currently starring in the stage play Six Degrees of Separation, which is going to take up most of the actors time over the coming months, making any appearances in fall TV shows not very likely. It's not impossible, mind you, since all the actor would need to do is pop down to Atlanta to film some kind of a wrap-up scene that explains where the hell Heath went off to when he got "kidnapped" or whatever. But will it happen? I'm not so sure.

Even though there was some question about 24: Legacy's future solely regarding the less-than-stellar ratings the spinoff earned throughout its midseason run, it appears as if Fox execs were open-bordering-on-willing to put Eric Carter in more dangerous predicaments. To that end, Newman did go on to say that he and others would be speaking with the drama's showrunners in the near future about where the show could go beyond just this fall. So we'll likely get to see Eric Carter's return before Heath's.

Having previously talked about a possible return to The Walking Dead, Corey Hawkins mostly just played the "anything could happen" card, saying that Scott Gimple is willing to work with whatever schedule Hawkins has. So the chance is always there, of course, but the chance has always been there for fans to reconnect with Morales at some point following Season 1, and that reunion hasn't happened yet.

So you won't see Corey Hawkins on Fox anytime soon, nor will you see him on AMC. But you can find lots of shows hitting both of those networks in the coming months, and you can find them all with our summer TV schedule.

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