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Will & Grace is back, and we've got the first footage of the cast in action right here! As you'll hear frequently throughout, it's almost as if they've never said goodbye. Check it out and continue on below:

That was a very odd, but at the same time really awesome, way to announce the return of Will & Grace! Somehow, the cast looks younger than when we first saw them get back together a little over a half a year ago. The trailer also brings that nostalgic feeling without officially launching into the series with new show footage. Like, considering Grace is an interior designer, shouldn't we assume she's updated the look of her apartment in the past decade? This trailer leaves behind those nagging questions and allows us to dwell on how seamlessly all these characters fit into 2017.

At the same time, it also clues us into some of the small ways Will & Grace will change and stay true to the original run. Jack is taking Viagra now, but it's not like that incredibly expensive apartment they can't afford or Karen's drinking problem is going away anytime soon. Originally, it was reported by some who saw a prior clip that the revival was planning a musical episode, although those reports now seem to be tied to this. After watching the cast do their thing in the trailer, I think a musical episode would be a nice fit for the show, and Megan Mullally even tried getting a musical based on her character off the ground on Broadway, so maybe something is still in the works? If not, the contemporary jokes alone will be enough to keep fans enthralled in the revival.

Will And Grace Cast Revival

From Jack's Air BonB joke to Megan Mullally's Karen slipping right back into things as if the show never left, it's as though this Fall revival was meant to be. You get the vibe that the show was considered progressive when it first aired in 1998, but is now right at home in the modern era. Home it will be, as the twelve episode revival is set to air Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. It's already been confirmed that This Is Us will not be the lead in (sorry guys), but there have been whispers of Christmas specials for both shows, so maybe the past and present NBC hits will cross paths at some point in the Fall season.

The Will & Grace revival is slated to return Thursdays in the Fall at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. That's a full season away so keep yourself occupied until then with our full list of summer programming, and also keep tabs on what's coming and going as renewal and cancellation season is in full swing!

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