Doctor Who Is Losing Another Star When Peter Capaldi Leaves

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It looks like Season 10 of Doctor Who may turn out to be one for the record books, as yet another important part of the show will be leaving at the end of the season. Whovians will already have to get used to watching the show without star Peter Capaldi, the input of showrunner Steven Moffat and, possibly, the new companion played by Pearl Mackie. But, now, we know that none other than the female regeneration of The Master herself, Missy, as played by actress Michelle Gomez, will be exiting the series when the current season is over.

In an interview with Radio Times, Michelle Gomez admitted that she simply felt the time was right for her to move on as well, citing the departures of Capaldi and Moffat as her main reason for waving goodbye to her time as Missy. Here's what she had to say:

My pals are going so I'm going. Everybody's leaving, so I'm going too. I mean, what would I do without Peter and Steven? Who would I be? Nah, it's done now. It's over. It's the end of a chapter.

Well, it certainly sounds like Michelle Gomez has made up her mind about this, but, dammit, it'll be hard to see her version of Missy leave Doctor Who. Gomez has only played the character since 2014, when she took over as the regenerated Master from actor John Simm. She debuted in the episode "Deep Breath," and was slowly revealed to actually be the classic Doctor Who villain during the course of the season. Gomez has only appeared in a handful of episodes, but she certainly put her stamp on this popular bad guy. Her Missy was cunning, deceptive, sometimes wacky, mysterious, creepy and always a pure joy to watch. Honestly, I think her version of The Master may have been the best version the show was able to conjure up, and I'm sure new showrunner Chris Chibnall is going to have a hell of a time finding a replacement for her.

Michelle Gomez has left her mark on that role and become a favorite among many Doctor Who fans. And, the fact that her character, who had always been male previously, regenerated as a woman, is one of the reasons that some fans have been willing to see (and, sometimes, even call for) some future regeneration of the The Doctor to be female.

Well, lucky for us, we still have a bit more Missy goodness to enjoy during Season 10 of Doctor Who. Michelle Gomez is set to reprise the role in three episodes this season, including next week's outing, "Extremis," and the two-part season finale, which will see her face off against John Simm as the two different versions of The Master meet in some crazy, timey-wimey way.

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