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Last Man Standing ABC

As each day passes, it seems everything encompassing American life is bleeding into politics. While some TV shows like Saturday Night Live encourage and even spark political controversy, ABC is being accused of censoring political opinions. Fans and political activists are now flocking to the internet to petition the cancellation of Tim Allen's Last Man Standing, because, of course they are.

This petition for Last Man Standing currently sits at over 110k strong, with each signature serving as a request that the show not be canceled. The petition states that the Tim Allen-led sitcom was one of the few shows on television that didn't frequently shove liberal ideals down the throats of viewers, and that is likely the reason the show is being canceled. The creator of the petition, who goes by the name Deputy Matt online, states that he will not be watching ABC programming and has canceled all his DVR recordings of the network in the hope that they will renew Last Man Standing. Others have commented in a show of support, comparing the values of Last Man Standing similar to the classic series All In The Family and say Tim Allen's show was their voice on television. As of this writing, the petition is around 36k short of their goal of 150k signees.

ABC President Channing Dungey has gone on record to say Last Man Standing's absence from ABC's Fall lineup was not politically influenced. Dungey says that while the show was a consistent performer with solid ratings, once the decision was made to drop Comedy from Friday nights, there was no home for it on the network. Other speculation at the time of cancellation said the show's end was also linked to contract disputes, which can also sink a show. While Dungey didn't speak to contract disputes, the decision to forgo comedy on Fridays for drama would somewhat better explain their confusing placement of Marvel's Inhumans.

As for Tim Allen, he's been notably vocal in regards to the struggle of being a Republican in Hollywood but hasn't said anything regarding the effort to save Last Man Standing. In fact, the actor took to Twitter today, nearly five days after the show was canceled, to express his shock regarding the decision. If Allen is aware of the petition to save his show he's certainly not expressing it via social media, although he's not the most active of celebrities on any platform. It will definitely be interesting to hear his comments regarding the petition if he does say something regarding the effort to save his latest show.

Regardless of petitions, Last Man Standing's cancellation still stands. Should that change, you can expect our renewal guide to reflect that status. In the meantime, fans might want to bookmark our summer premiere guide in hopes they can find another show to enjoy.