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This post contains light spoilers regarding the Season 5 finale of Arrow.

After a balls out crazy season finale, Stephen Amell has some thoughts on Oliver Queen's story going forward in Arrow, now that things are the way they are. Here's what Amell said about how Oliver needs to change in Season 6:

I like playing a character that has flaws. I haven't talked to producers a lot about Season 6 yet, but based off the fact he now has a team...I did say Oliver needs to learn he can't keep going it alone, or people will change the channel. He needs to use them.

It's worth noting Amell's answer to a crowd of Londoners at the Heroes and Villains convention (via the Mirror) is a bit guarded, as the Arrow Season 5 finale has yet to air in the U.K., so it's not like he was going to drop some massive spoilers to a room full of fans. If you're like U.K. fans and have not watched the finale you might not get the irony in his statement. While we aren't certain on who is and isn't with us for Season 6, thanks to a big old cliffhanger, it is worth noting that we do know some of Team Arrow will be around in the new season. After such a showdown with Prometheus, will Oliver be more willing to share the load, or will the dramatic conclusion make him more guarded than ever?

Past precedent says the latter, but if it weren't for the actions of Team Arrow, Mayor Oliver would've never have been back on his feet fighting crime in the first place. We also know that flashbacks are going away, at least in the format we're used to, which frees up a lot of room for story in Arrow Season 6. That extra 15-20 minutes an episode could allow audiences to see Oliver both in action and guiding Team Arrow along in more of a mentor role. Telling some fresh tales to follow-up on Oliver's five-year origin story should further rejuvenate the show going into its next batch of episodes, hopefully keeping folks from "changing the channel." That seems to be what Amell is thinking as well, as he gave a more specific moment to showcase where Oliver's mind should be.

It would be nice to see someone being brick-headed and see Oliver say, 'Lets think and do this for these reasons.'

Once again pointing to the Season 5 finale, mentor Oliver Queen sounds like not only a possibility, but a potential necessity. With the lives of so many up in the air, Season 6 could see the mayoral vigilante responsible for almost all the decision-making within the group. Team Arrow in its current form may have one big season under its all-encompassing belt, but to Queen, they're still "green," so it makes sense for his character to train and guide them through situations he's experienced.

No one, not even Stephen Amell, truly knows what's in store for Arrow Season 6, so be sure to stick with us for updates. While you wait for the show's return in the fall, be sure to check out what other entertaining shows are premiering in the next couple months. You can also keep tabs of your show's finales via our handy guide, so you know exactly how much time you have left with a show.

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