Quantico Is Losing Two Stars Ahead Of Season 3

Quantico Dayana

If you were one of the Quantico fans who felt a moment of joy after the show was renewed for a third season, then we, unfortunately, have some news to bring you crashing back down to Earth. Though Quantico is returning for at least one more year, it will do so without some of its cast members. Two actors have announced they will be leaving the ABC thriller drama series ahead of Season 3. Pearl Thusi and Yasmine Al Massri have both announced their departures.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pearl Thusi is leaving Quantico following its Season 3 renewal. Thusi joined the show in Season 2 as a series regular, portraying the driven, disciplined lawyer Dayana Mampasi. This follows the news that Yasmine Al Massri is also leaving the show. Massri made the announcement herself via social media. Al Massri has been a part of the series since the beginning, portraying twins Nimah and Raina throughout Seasons 1 and 2. So, I guess technically, that means three characters aren't coming back.

Quantico Nimah and Raina

No explicit reason was given for the departures, but its likely due to creative shake-ups that are currently underway. Though the show had solid ratings throughout Season 1, that number plummetted the following year (though it still does sneakily well on DVR). The show received an eleventh-hour renewal from ABC, but without creator and showrunner Josh Safran, who exited the show following Season 2. The search is still on for a new showrunner, and though Safran will remain as a consultant, it's clear that Quantico is trying to shake things up and will likely look different when it comes back for Season 3.

Quantico stars a group of sexy FBI agents who always seem to find themselves in the middle of terrorist plots and conspiracies. The show used a flashback/forward structure, with events of the past informing events in the future, but ditched in later seasons because no one liked it. The drama stars Priyanka Chopra (Baywatch) as the lead, who as of now is still attached to the show. Season 1 saw the characters trying to find a terrorist who bombed Grand Central Station, while Season 2 had them deal with an evil secret CIA called (sighs) the AIC.

Quantico Season 3 is currently unscheduled so keep coming back to CinemaBlend for more updates in the future. In the meantime, make sure to check our broadcast canceled/renewed guide to keep tabs on all the shows coming back in the fall.

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