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Season 7 of The Walking Dead was a fairly divisive one. Made up of primarily capsule episodes, many fans were disappointed to have such little time with the full ensemble, and grew frustrated with the almost glacial pace of certain episodes, especially in the first half of the season. But one of the positive aspects of the season was the increased visibility of Rosita (Christian Serratos), who was reeling from the loss of Abraham in the season premiere. Queen Ro Ro was one of the only characters who maintained strong during Rick and the group's collective defeatism, but now it appears we may have to wait a few episodes into Season 8 before she reemerges as a lead character.

Because it turns out that actress Christian Serratos was actually pregnant during much of the filming of Season 7, and she has only recently had her baby girl. Sharing the happy news on Instagram, smart money says that we probably won't see much of the actress in the first few episodes, as she recovers from giving birth and spends time with her newborn. Sorry, Rosita fans.

The Walking Dead has always worked around the personal lives of their stars. For instance, series regular Alanna Masterson took a half season break during Seasons 6 and 7 for maternity leave, with the character Tara going on a supply run to explain her absence. And TWD has already written in a great reason for Rosita to be MIA: she was shot in the season finale's conflict to defend Alexandria. Smart money says she remains in the infirmary for the first few episodes, allowing Ro Ro to exclude herself from the early adventures of Season 8.

The happy news of Christian Serratos' recent motherhood actually explain Rostia's change in costuming last season. While Rosita typically wears tight clothes and a bare midriff, Season 7 saw the character wearing much more baggy and oversized clothes. While I thought this was due to her period of mourning and perhaps wearing Abraham's old clothes, it turns out that the reason for the costume change was far more logistical than creative. Pretty sneaky stuff, Walking Dead.

Rosita with a rifle in Season 7

Selfishly, I'm hoping that Rosita isn't out of commission for too long, as the badass survivor has quickly become one of my favorite characters. In a season where the majority of the cast was keeping their heads down and licking their wounds, Rosita was determined to kill Negan and get revenge for Abraham. She was even willing to die for the cause, despite how valuable her myriad abilities are to the group. Luckily, she ended up surviving the season, and will hopefully be a major commander in the war against The Saviors.

The Walking Dead will return for Season 8 sometime in October. In the meantime you can catch the spinoff Fear the Walking Dead Sundays on AMC, and be sure to check our our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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