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First Look At Mary McCormack On AMC's Loaded Plays Her Up As A Sexy Darth Vader

AMC is debuting a brand new kind of show later this month with Loaded. The series will pit a group of four British 30-somethings after they sell their videogame start-up to a much larger company for a hefty chunk of change. Mary McCormack plays acquisitions vice president Casey, who handled the sale and is determined to do pretty much anything to make sure that the risky deal is a success. A first look at Loaded proves that Casey will be more than a match for the boys as a sexy Darth Vader-esque figure. Check her out!

Tell us how you really feel, Casey! Mary McCormack may not look much like the Darth Vader we've come to know and fear/love thanks to Star Wars, but she clearly doesn't need black armor and a lightsaber to scare Josh and Leon out of their wits. Still, it sounds like they should be glad they get to deal with her instead of her boss. If the company is the Empire in Casey's Star Wars metaphor, then they should probably deal with sexy Darth Vader as much as possible if it keeps them away from the Emperor. I'm not sure if I want to join her or want to flee to a distant planet where she can't Skype me.

Of course, while Casey doesn't exactly come across as somebody who would be fun to work with, she has good reason to take a hard line with the boys. Casey was in charge of the multi-million dollar deal that saw her company buying the video game company called Idyl Hands. She's determined that the deal will prove beneficial to the parent company, no matter what the collateral damage of the people around her. The stakes are almost impossibly high, and a lot of money has been poured into this deal. No wonder she's channeling her inner Darth Vader!

She'll almost certainly have her hands very full. Idyl Hands was run by lifelong friends Josh, Leon, Ewan, and the unfortunate Watto, up until they sold their business for a whopping $300 million. They'll have more money than they could have ever imagined; set loose with full bank accounts and limited obligations, we can bet that they'll raise more than a little hell for Casey in the first season of Loaded. Hopefully they won't cost her (and themselves) everything by mismanagement. If they do... well, hopefully it will at least be funny.

Loaded will run for eight episodes and star Jim Howick, Samuel Anderson, Jonny Sweet, and Nick Helm in addition to Mary McCormack. Tune in to AMC on Monday, July 17 at 10 p.m. ET to catch the series premiere of Loaded with Mary McCormack. Our summer TV premiere guide and our 2017 Netflix schedule can point you toward shows to watch on the rest of the nights of the week.

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