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Beloved comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm is finally returning to the airwaves later this year, and fans will get to check back in with Larry David and Co. for the first time since the Season 8 finale back in 2011. Not too many details are available about the plots of Season 9, but HBO has released a list of guest stars that will appear in the next batch of episodes, and there are some very big TV names.

Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad, Elizabeth Banks of Wet Hot American Summer, Ed Begley Jr. of St. Elsewhere and (more recently) Blunt Talk, Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls, Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation, Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia, Nasim Pedrad of Saturday Night Live, and Elizabeth Perkins of Weeds are all slated to appear in Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9. A big question now is if these actors will be playing characters or fictionalized versions of themselves.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is known for starring actors playing exaggerated versions of themselves, and guest stars like Jerry Seinfeld and Wanda Sykes have played themselves. Lauren Graham's comments about her role seem to indicate that she'll be playing a character, but we can only guess about the others. I'm guessing at least Elizabeth Banks and Ed Begley Jr. will be playing themselves, if only because they're big enough names that Curb Your Enthusiasm could make better use of them in their actual identities than as characters. Nick Offerman is pretty recognizable as well.

My fingers are crossed that Bryan Cranston is playing himself. He has proved that he can tackle both drama and comedy; if any actor on the guest star list could play a fictionalized version of himself to perfection, it would have to be Bryan Cranston. The guy who was as hilarious on Malcolm in the Middle as he was impactful on Breaking Bad should be a great addition to Curb Your Enthusiasm, no matter who he's playing.

In addition to the guest stars, HBO has confirmed the returns of a number of Curb Your Enthusiasm veterans. Season 9 will feature (of course) Larry David, Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, J.B. Smoove (who was the first to release the Season 9 premiere date), Richard Lewis, Bob Einstein, Ted Danson, and Mary Steenburgen. It sounds like the new season will feature an entertaining balance of old favorites and new stars. Hopefully the show will be as funny now as it was during its original run. Larry David and Co. have had a while off; we'll have to wait and see if they were able to recapture the magic.

Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm will run for ten episodes and debut on Sunday, October 1 at 10:30 p.m. ET on HBO. Check out our summer TV guide for what you can watch now, and take a gander at our rundowns of renewals and cancellations for cable/streaming and network TV.

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