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This Is Us Just Had One Of Its Emmy Nominations Revoked

Jack and Rebecca

This year's Emmy nominations were very exciting. With HBO's Game of Thrones not eligible this year, there were a ton more openings in the major categories, allowing newcomers like NBC's This Is Us to slide in and grab a gaggle of noms. The family drama managed to accrue an impressive eleven nominations, although one of them has just been redacted by the Academy. This is Us' nomination for Outstanding Contemporary Costumes for a Series, Limited Series or Movie has just been taken back by the Academy, due to a technicality. And the story is pretty wild and nit-picky.

This is Us submitted its Season 1 finale episode for many of the categories this year, but that choice ended up being the downfall for their contemporary costumes nomination. Because a great deal of the episode "Moonshadow" was set in the flashback timeline, revealing how Jack came to see Rebecca at a gig and ended up in a confrontation with her band member. Because so much of the episode was set in the 1980's, Deadline has reported that the television Academy claimed that they were ineligible for the nomination, because the costumes weren't actually contemporary.

Losing one nomination isn't exactly the end of the world for NBC or This is Us, considering their noms for this year are still in the double digits. Seven of these were for performances, as almost all of the starring cast was able to score nominations. In fact, Mandy Moore and Justin Hartley were the only member of the Pearson family who didn't manage to get an Emmy nod. Additionally, three actors have been nominated for their work as guest stars: Dennis O'Hare, Gerald McRaney, and Ron Cephas Jones. Jones in particular seems like a frontrunner for the win, as William both warmed and broke our hearts during the show's first season.

This is Us' contemporary costuming nomination has since been pivoted over to Netflix's House of Cards. And House probably deserved a nomination anyway- Claire's more presidential wardrobe was pretty stunning, and should have beaten out other nominees like Big Little Lies. Sure, the five women's costumes in Trivia Night were beautiful, but the rest of the season's costume pieces were pretty unremarkable.

It should be interesting to see if This Is Us is able to grab as many Emmy nominations for its second season. Game of Thrones will one again be eligible, and its seventh season is currently airing on HBO. It's also difficult for many shows to retain the same level of magic and high stakes in its sophomore season, so the folks over at NBC will have to be sure to have show remain grounded and focused on the family in order to retain its critical acclaim and audience.

This is Us will return to NBC on September 26, 2017. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola

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