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Sons Of Anarchy's Spinoff Mayans MC Is Probably Getting Great News From FX Soon

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During the height of Sons of Anarchy's run on FX, it might have seemed like an easy bet for a spinoff to rev up and zoom out of the gates with instant success. But here we are, a few years after Kurt Sutter brought Teller Tuesdays to a close, and the long-gestating Mayans-based spinoff has yet to get beyond the pilot stage. But we're grasping our handlebars with crossed fingers, as it looks like some very good news is on the way for Mayans MC, should it indeed keep that title.

For the ongoing TCA summer press tour, FX boss John Landgraf promoted the network's recently announced standalone streaming service by unleashing a sizzle reel of footage from upcoming programming, and embedded therein was a short look at Mayans MC, despite the fact that FX has yet to make a formal announcement about the project's future. While it certainly could have been a mistake on some gung-ho editor's part, that's not at all the case, as Landgraf directly addressed the Sons of Anarchy follow-up's potential, offering a vague timeline for when we might hear more.

It's a good sign. I'm really excited about where we are in the process of Mayans. I'm very confident about the future of that spin-off.

John Landgraf went on to tell the TCA crowd (via TVGuide) that he'd expect another update about Mayans MC in about three months time, so we'll be deep into the fall TV season before hearing about what'll hopefully be a full series order. Would that timing mean the Sons of Anarchy spinoff would show up on FX's schedule at some point during the midseason in early 2018, or will it be held until a promising summer or fall release window?

In case you're wondering why everything is taking so long to come together here, let's not forget the always outspoken Kurt Sutter was murmuring about the project even before the short-lived run for The Bastard Executioner. Things came together pretty smoothly following that, with Sutter teaming with Elgin James to put the story together, and a slew of great actors were soon cast. But then things took a sharp left turn last month when FX requested a completely new pilot to be produced, with a casting and story overhaul. Considering no giant casting updates have been announced in the interim, it's unclear where things stand right now. But in three months? We might just have a better answer.

Keep your ear to the ground for more rumblings about Sons of Anarchy's Mayans MC spinoff in the near future. But there's still a lot more solid TV on the way in the near future, and you can find it all on our summer TV schedule and our fall premiere schedule.

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